• I saw a post previously, so doing a little research here - what is it like to fly with a Basenji? I am a prospective parent that would be flying from San Francisco to Memphis, TN twice monthly - one layover (thinking 3.5 hr flight and 1hr flight). Does anyone fly regularly with their Basenji? Service animal, so I would assume he/she would be in the cabin with me.

  • Airlines are cracking down on "service" animals. Because of the vast abuses by many, don't count on being able to say a service animal on more and more airlines without a boatload of documentation. I think eventually they will restrict to certified trained dogs only and exclude emotional support animals to incredible rigid qualifications. I doubt puppies will be allowed.

    However, for your question, every dog is different. I would imagine doing it so often with lots of socialization, most stable dogs will be fine. A basenji from a responsible breeder is critical for health and temperament. Be aware the adult size of a basenji may already limit airlines you can use.



  • I can understand airlines cracking down on some ESA'S but for someone who has a "real Service Dog" there are laws to protect that right from the ADA.
    I have a Service Dog trained by me and I have documents from a doctor stating that I need her.
    I don't fly and don't intend to but if I did I would not allow anyone to stop me as I'm protected by ADA law.
    And, yes my Service Dog IS A BASENJI.

  • I agree, and people with real needs are being the ones punished by the others. Friends with long time service dogs support the tightened regs, but some are bitter they have to jump through hoops because of it.

    You're also not new to basenjis. That helps.

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