• Hello, anyone flew Basenji a 4-5 hours flight?

  • We have flown puppies (8 to 12wks) on 4 to 6+ hours flights, however that is in cabin in a sherpa animal carry on

  • @tanza thanks. Mine will be 1 years old. Will need to be in cargo for 9-10 hours...

  • I have flown mine 3 times. Once when he was 4
    Honolulu to San Francisco 5 hr flight when we moved. Once San Francisco to Houston with stop over Dallas then fly back 2 months later. He hated each time hated it & let you know it. You can’t sedate them or airline will not fly them. Also airline makes you get health check from vet that has been done within 3 days of travel.
    Next time I’ll drive 🤔😝

  • I've had Basenjis and Basenji mixes on 4 to 6 hour flights, but often they were connecting flights which made for a lot of crate time. They all came out the other end no worse for wear.

  • My boy Sunny came from Washington State to Buffalo airport, which is where we picked him up. He was just shy of 2 years old and seemed to tolerate it O.K., remarkable as this was a dog that hated crates. His breeder told me that her last view of him was his big eyes silently crying for help!

  • I'm following this post with interest: there's the (slim, fortunately!) possibility of an overseas posting in our future,and while I'd LOVE to be in Europe for 3 years, I've never flown my 3 b's or my fosters EVER. (I should mention all three are failed-foster rescues with anxiety issues or other issues which is why I'm obsessive about keeping them happy.) I'd happily pay for extra seats or fares so my guys could fly in-cabin in their crates, or sit in the cargo hold myself so I could sedate but still keep an eye on them (eg. Are they warm enough, breathing ok etc.)

    @mshilo You're in Germany? Is it possible for you to take a train--which would at least allow you to be close to your dog--or to drive? I've put a ton of mileage on my car transporting rescue dogs in the last 10 years, my furthest was 3728 km. Because hubby and I have a long distance marriage, a very conservative estimate of my personal dog-driving mileage would be 54,238 km. It's totally do-able if you enjoy driving, especially with just one dog--but I get that not everyone enjoys driving. Having a hubby away in the military 75% of the time has been tough but wow, it's amazing for your coping skills!

    If ground travel just isn't an option, here's what I've come up with so far for my potential trip that might help:

    • list item Take a direct flight to avoid layovers & connections with their increased crate time; More importantly, direct flights limit interaction with ground staff & cut the risk of them sitting on the tarmac or becoming 'lost luggage' in half.
    • list item I'm going to find the shortest flight time North America--Europe to decrease overall in-crate time & time in the cargo hold. I'll rent a car to drive to get to that departure airport.
    • list item Start renewing crate training (Door off, my crate is a safe comfortable place) and start Thundershirt conditioning RIGHT NOW. If you want tips on that, I'd be happy to help.
      Beyond that, I've started looking into passage to Europe by ship--onboard a freighter maybe, since I've already learned that cruise ships allowing pets are hugely expensive & confine them to a kennel area, which might not be much better than flying.

  • No matter the pay, if too big they go in cargo. Only exception is support dogs...and international flights don't always have the same regs.

  • I have shipped puppies and dogs for decades...especially chow rescues who I tried to send north out of the heat and humidity. I have received 5 puppies over my life... from Philly and Texas...none seemed bothered...just happy to be done it.

  • @yodelma hello and yes, I'm in Germany. Inside Europe, i will prefer land but I need to fly a long flight, 10 hours for my university research. I think i will split it to two flights, one night sleeping somewhere or taking Cargo, which is the best way, its total air-conditioned and people with the animal ALL the time. (you don't fly with the dog)
    I still haven't found how much it costs and how they manage the time arrival difference between you and the dog). I have decided (a private decision of course) to pay another ticket costs to fly him Cargo. More than that... I will take plan B, dividing the flight into 2 sections.
    Btw - in ALL the internet the most recommended air-line is Lufthansa.

  • @debradownsouth
    Hello and thanks. Did you ship in regular fights in the luggage storage or special Cargo?

  • @mshilo
    Here they have special cargo that is air and pressure controlled for animals. Luggage has neither, so to the best of my knowledge not ever an option.

  • And not every airplane is equipped to carry animals as cargo either, but the big ones usually are.

  • @debradownsouth indeed, you are correct. but it EXTREMELY expensive and flight company request that it will be managed by an external agent that makes it extremely expensive ++

  • @mshilo
    Can your use another airline? It cost me precisely each $200 for our 37 and 70 pound dogs from the US to Israel.

  • 200 usd for Cargo? Which airline? Btw -I’m originally from Israel.

  • El al from NYC to Ben Gurion

  • @debradownsouth El-Al?? Thanks, I sure will contact them.

  • @debradownsouth what i have seen and checked again now is that this is the price for cargo hold. Isn't is the luggage area and not special Cargo?

    see link:

    Anyway, i will give them a call, but at least from what i understand 200$ is for hold cargo, which, again, as i understood, is where the Baggages are.

  • It says : What methods of transport does El Al provide for my pet?
    Travel in the passenger cabin.
    Checked as baggage in pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.

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