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Here they have special cargo that is air and pressure controlled for animals. Luggage has neither, so to the best of my knowledge not ever an option.

And not every airplane is equipped to carry animals as cargo either, but the big ones usually are.

@debradownsouth indeed, you are correct. but it EXTREMELY expensive and flight company request that it will be managed by an external agent that makes it extremely expensive ++

Can your use another airline? It cost me precisely each $200 for our 37 and 70 pound dogs from the US to Israel.

200 usd for Cargo? Which airline? Btw -I’m originally from Israel.

El al from NYC to Ben Gurion

@debradownsouth El-Al?? Thanks, I sure will contact them.

@debradownsouth what i have seen and checked again now is that this is the price for cargo hold. Isn't is the luggage area and not special Cargo?

see link:

Anyway, i will give them a call, but at least from what i understand 200$ is for hold cargo, which, again, as i understood, is where the Baggages are.

It says : What methods of transport does El Al provide for my pet?
Travel in the passenger cabin.
Checked as baggage in pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.

So it may be with luggage, but pressurized and climate control. It did worry me that it could drop ti 41C, but that's rare.

EDIT: " ​​Passengers flying on our Boeing 787​ aircraft, please note: The temperature in the cargo hold can drop to 5 degrees Centigrade​. ​"

I meant 41 F, which is 5C. But I didn't fly on 787 so moot point anyway.

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