Basenji and Larger Dogs

Jack loves big dogs. The bigger the better. There was a great dane in the puppy obediance class after ours, and he loved playing with him. He thought it was the coolest thing that he could walk under the other dogs legs.

Course, that is just mine, I don't know about the breed in general.

LOL, Jazz will pick a fight with any dog of any breed - size does not intimidate her.

That being said, we have a dog - my darling Gypsy – that is a golden retriever mix. She weighs in about 65 lbs maybe;it's been a while since she was weighed.
My B's do just fine with her/

Dallas plays with our neighbors Roty all the time & they have never had an problems. Also, last time I took him to the dog park we went into the large dog area because it's 5 times the size of the little dog section & at the time there were no dogs there anyway…after about 15 minutes 2 pits came in weighing in over 100 lbs. each & Dallas had a blast with them! Neither the pitts nor Dallas showed any sign of knowing that he was so much smaller. :p

I have a very large vizsla…tall and 65 lbs. He's great with Chey. He and Apache get along great for the most part. Apache can get a little snarky with Marlowe sometimes at which point Marlowe leaves and waits for Apache to get in trouble. They play wrestle at night and Marlowe will lay on the bed so he's more their size. Marlowe was brought into the house when Dakota was still alive, so he's used to living with basenjis. Apache used to play with a kuvasz at handling class all the time and I have a friend with a bloodhound that Apache ADORES! When we're at shows they play in her ex-pen all the time. Chey isn't good with other dogs period and I worry more about how Apache will react to larger dogs then the other way around. I never know if he's going to befriend them or go after them.

I think early socialization really helps and the personality of the dog. Here is a link to my photo album of one of the country walks my dogs and I go on with friends. Rio is okay with all the dogs but doesn't really play with them, Sophie loves all her dog friends.

And I have found that Basenjis relate to other sighthounds regardless of size… and seem to take to them pretty well... Of course that could be because of early socialization at lure trials...

Blaze hates small furry dogs. He catches them, pins them down and rips out their fur… if I'm not quick enough.
He loves big dogs! Rotties, Dobbies, german shepards, great danes, golden retrievers, and one 1/4 wolf. He tires them out, then pees on them triumphantly... You might have to watch out for that...


He tires them out, then pees on them triumphantly… You might have to watch out for that...

OMG :eek: :eek: :eek:
That is tooo funny!

Our B is best friends with our 55-lb mix breed rescue, Hemi. He has actually allowed Hemi to remain pack leader, although Cyrus believes himself to be intellectually superior to Hemi. Cyrus seeks Hemi out when he is upset, and they sleep together every night. Bs and big dogs are a great match!

Magnum pretty much ignores dogs smaller than him after a good sniffing. Dogs bigger than him, though, sheesh, he annoys them to no end…sniff, sniff, sniffing them endlessly...chasing them endlessly. He just won't settle down, even if the bigger dog is sending out calming signals left and right, so I have to leash him when I see that the bigger dog has had justabout enough of him.

Mirtillo LOVES the bigger dogs! The bigger, the better. And untill now.. they have all loved him back. (accept for the hyena ;))


Our B is best friends with our 55-lb mix breed rescue, Hemi. He has actually allowed Hemi to remain pack leader, although Cyrus believes himself to be intellectually superior to Hemi. Cyrus seeks Hemi out when he is upset, and they sleep together every night. Bs and big dogs are a great match!

Ha, ha…love that! So true about Basenjis!

I have 3 basenjis and a malinois. It makes for a nice pack. The malinois loves to be chased; basenjis love to chase.

We had 2 dogs in our family before we brought Bitty home, Sami, our Jindo female, 45lbs, and Sable, our Shiba female, 23lbs. When we walked in the door with Bitty the 2 of them sniffed her all over and she just stood there and let them. After the initial introduction they all ignored each other for about a day and a half until Bitty couldnt stand it any longer and began to attempt to get Sable to play. It took her almost a month to get Sami to accept the fact that she was here to stay and begin to play with her. Now they are just one big happy pack.


I don't think the size of the dog matters as long as they are properly introduced 🙂
I've seen large dogs with Basenji's and even small dogs.

I agree Vanessa. It is really about how the other dog interprets Basenji body language and then reacts to it…Bs are very subtle, and get peeved when other dogs ignore their subtleties 😉

We have a german shepard and a golden retriever and our basenji loves them both. They are one happy pack!

I have a Basenji mix, not a full blood, but she's still pretty small- she gets along AWESOME with my Greyhound/Husky mix. She's also done well with a Mastiff, a Great Dane and an Akita. She HATES small dogs. She sees them as prey, and tries to hunt them down and eat them.

We have an 83 pound mix that Trixie has grown up with since we brought her home. They love each other! At the dog park Trixie has to go with the big dogs! She does not seem to do as well with the little dogs. We went again last Sat. and she ran with 4 German Sheperds and 1 Great Dane. Everyone was commenting on what an awesome dog Trixie was and they could not believe how fast she could run! It was GREAT!!!!

My girl has gotten along with a lot of big dogs. The only dogs she has issues with are dogs that bark at her. She doesn't like dogs who are constantly barking at her whether big or small. Her favorite dogs are a german shepard and a greyhound, both who rarely bark.

Haven't put our B's with small dogs but they seem to love bigger dogs. We have a old elkhound that the tri girl loves to boss around. Perhaps because she is a tri, or a girl or just the plain fact that she can. . Our neighbors have a mix breed puppy about 45 lb s that when they let him out our male basenji will run the fence line playing with the dog. He will actually look for the puppy when he goes out. So our kids put 8 paws up for bigger dogs. Our elkie has CDS (doggie alzheimers) so they will help him out when they realize he is having trouble . Most of the time as long as they are the boss everything is great

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