Which breed is my dog? is he really a basenji?

Can someone please tell me which kind of breed i have?
i thought it was basenji but it looks a little different from basenjis.
it has bushy tail and some other characteristics..it can bark as hell.. 😃
he is very good at barking :D.. and i know basenjis cant really bark so Can someone pls help me with the kind of breed he is?
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Could be mixed with most anything. About the best you can do to find out is do a dna wisdom panel.

I would say he is definitely a basenji.......I have had 2 basenjis that barked.......They just don't bark as often as other dogs.

Doesn't look like a purebred, but definitely has Basenji characteristics. Yes, they can bark, but generally only occasionally and never continuously. Generally just once, or once, then a pause, then again. With my dogs, the ones that barked only did it when startled, or on viewing something they were suspicious or nervous about.

Could be a mix.... not a purebred..... very handsome however.

@jumblie yh i think so but he barks very often. i think he even barks more than some dogs ive owned and thats what made me had doubts he could be a basenji

@eeeefarm he can bark continuously..he barks very often and that what confuses me cuz i know basenji barely barks.. but for my dog , he barks very often

If you go 45 secs in, you can hear the normal basenji bark... a boof, not bow wow wow of most dogs.

@DebraDownSouth yh my dog does the "boof" sometimes early in the morning when he sees me..but thats once in a while.. but not often
but he does the "bow wow wow" kind of barking most often.. just like any other dog. he barks better than most dogs i might say

So maybe a mix. I wish i had done a dna of my chow/coyote with some of the new panels. If you really want to get a good idea, wisdom panel is one of the better ones.

And if you do get him DNAed, let us know.

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