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    We just got our 2 basenjis about 4 days ago. Our male basenji (3yrs) is pretty agressive with other dogs. This is strange to us because he grew up with a breeder & about 30 other basenjis. Not sure why he's so agressive. He was a show dog once & retired in March. We thought we would be open to being with other dogs. Otherwise he's great with people or kids.

    Any thoughts or advice?

  • 4 days isn't nearly long enough to adjust. your new b's will need time to get accustom to their new home, new people, new dogs, new smells, etc…

  • Ditto to what Jessi said. And, I don't know what the situation at the breeder's was like, but you can't assume that because the breeder had 30 basenjis, that this dog was socialized with other dogs. Some breeders have many, many dogs, but they all live in a kennel situation, and don't interact with other dogs. And being a show dog doesn't guarantee a dog that plays well with others either.

    That being said, it isn't at all uncommon for basenjis to be friendly with the dogs in their family, or pack, and completely unwelcoming to other "stranger" dogs. It is way too early to determine whether your dogs are actually having problems, or just adjusting to a whole lot of changes.

    I usually give a dog a few weeks, to a month of settling in before I introduce any new dogs or people.

  • Thanks for the great & quick responses…

    Just a follow up question? We enrolled them in beginner training class. Should we postpone this for a few weeks since there will be other dogs there?

    Your assistance has been priceless. I was getting a little disillusioned with our pets thinking we'll be hermits 😞

  • Well, I think the beginner training class would help them, but it may be completely overwheming for them at this point. You might hold off…or find out if you could try out the first night, and if they are freaked out finish your classes after a few weeks. And please, make sure your trainers are using positive reinforcement training...it is really important for fearful and overwhelmed dogs.

  • now it's my turn to ditto what Quercus said… lol.. just another suggestion, you may be able to get a private evaluation from the trainer prior to starting classes. if a class setting is overwhelming, some trainers also do 'in home" sessions.

  • i have had my Bsince july and i cant take her to the dog park when i take my vizsla she just wants to fight any one who comes in her way i think it has to do that she came from petland and that she was never around other dogs when she was there i had to let my Vizsla show her who was boss when she came home w/ the way he did it was by laying on her it was so funny now when she wants to be boss in the house she tries to lay on him she is 20lbs and he is 75

  • It seems C3PO is still having other dog issues. I can't figure out why!? His hackles stand straight up whenever he sees another dog in the vacinity. A friend came by with her large black lab puppy (8 month old 60 lbs) & we tried to calm him down in a controlled environment (outside and all dogs on leashes).

    First we made an intro with a fence in between. C3 got very whiney & yelping (since he can't bark) and tried to climb the fence. Then we walked past the fence & just walked by the lab. He still got anxious. We finally got him to sit & stay at a distance from the big lab. Then my husband walked over to the lab & petted him with C3 sitting behind him (still on a leash).

    Every few minutes he still would try to "get" to the dog. For what?? I don't know?? We tried to allow them to sniff but then C3 growled & scared the poor dog. Not sure if his issues have gotten worse since the dog attack or if his lack of socialization has made him worse??

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • Not sure if this is any advice but I've found that Alani does the same thing with any PUPPY. She's very wary of any dog but will not have much of a reaction besides the hackles. She'll stand stiff as a board and let the other dog sniff her but won't growl or move. But anytime there is a puppy around she will growl and act like she's going to attack the dog.

  • jys1011,

    you're on the right track! having C3PO sit/stay at a distance is GREAT! the next step (that I would do) would be to reward the calm behavior (using high value treats - cheese pieces, hot dog, etc..), and if he exhibits negative behavior, ask for a WATCH ME. get him to focus on YOU - not the dog in the distance. reward, reward, reward when he does watch YOU, and whenever he is calm around another dog.

    slowly build up this skill, starting in the distance (as you are), and gradually getting closer - all the while maintaining the calm manner, and rewarding it.

    I wouldn't recommend using a puppy as a practice meet/greet, an 8mth old lab IMO is a puppy. I taught my dog this skill by using the dog our trainer provided - an older dog who had impecable manners. puppies don't always mind their manners and can be very unpredictable, which could actually provoke and enforce C3PO's negative reactions.

  • Thanks very much! Now to find an older stable dog…not an easy task in my neighborhood. I feel like we live in a world of barking crazy dogs.

    Although there is a nice very quiet white dog across the street & they have the same reaction to her. Her owner just says hi to ME but keeps walking when she sees that mine are going nutz when they see her dog & she's never even said a "peep" but my dogs crazy!!!

  • In my personal opinion, basenjis don't get along with most dogs generally unless they are brought up to do so. They are a small package with a big attitude.

    My dog liked some dogs, others she would have outright wars with, especially if it had anything to do with her territory. My girl had a peeing competition with the scottie terrier across the way from us, every time we let her out, the first thing on her agenda was race off and to reclassify her boundaries! And when the scottie was let out she did the same.

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