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I don't understand the way the vet is getting a urine sample. I've been told for a urinalysis what really needs to be done is the vet takes a sample directly from the bladder with a needle? That's how my vet would test Max's urine (this is when they do the urinalysis at the vets or send out to a lab). With an experienced vet–it isn't painful. Also--if Max had just gone potty--and his bladder was empty--they would sometimes have to confine him there at the vets in a kennel and wait for his bladder to fill up before taking any with a needle. This might take a a couple of hours to get a good sample.

That also struck me as odd that the vet didn't draw direct. It sounds very serious 😞 I know how you feel. I hope he gets better soon!

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…And her back legs would kick out like a donkey.

Yeah! I can remember my girl doing that too, kicked me right in the shin one time and it HURT!

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I'm glad he is ok!

My dog did the bolt quite a few times in her younger years but she always had the devil's luck to not get hit.

I hope he gets better really quickly!

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Put the nuts in a cupboard with a padlock and a safe combination lock on them? 😃

Nothing is sacred with a basenji around!! My mum used to have to put up the trash can as my B always ended up getting into it right after we closed the front door to go out.

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My girls name starts with A… Ashenputtel. It is german for cinderella 😃 We call her Ash or Ashen for short.

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I'm no expert but here is a link to a site that may help you identify what is wrong with him:

Quesitons you can ask yourself:
Is it only in one particular season in which this is happening?
How old is your dog? Is he fixed? - could be hormonal?
Changes in the dogs food?
Changes in what kind of material he sleeps on / does he wear anything like a doggie blanket now that he didn't before?
Is he itchy mostly a few hours after his bath?

If you think its allergy, try eliminating possible things from his environment one at a time to work out what might be contributing to it.

When my basenji was two I recall she had a few bumps, chewed the top part of her tail bare and had dandruff. We cured most of it with finding the right shampoo for her skin type to use. I think part of it may have been hormonal.

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My Basenji also growled when woken up or moved from her warm spot. Didn't have a food problem though.

I've once seen her wake herself up from a doggie nightmare, she even snapped in the air a few times before she awoke.

The only way we could persuade her to move without the fuss was with something she liked even more than her warm spot like a treat or the heater.

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The breeder we bought Ash from told us that Basenji's were bred to pack hunt lions in Africa. Ash certainly seems like she is more sight than sound or sniff.

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Definately steak, or lamb chop. And she loves warm milk.

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One of my moms cairn terriers did the same thing when he was a pup. He is a fairly dominant alpha male dog with very set territorial boundaries. Perhaps your dog only feels safe to stash his food in his spots that he knows are "safe"?

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