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My girl does her grumble when she doesn't get her way, but she does have content sound that could be compared to cat purring.

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After having my girl for several years she become very irritable and out of control. She even attacked a friend's dog. It ended up she was diabetic. She is now on insulin. Now when she get irritable I know her glucose is out of control again and off to vet to adjust her dose. You really need to rule out all possible medical issues.

If it isn't medical you might want to look at other option. It might be a little weird to some people but I have had a lot of luck with pet communicator with different pets over the years. It can help, just make sure you find a good one.

Check out web site for someone I used in the past

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I got several coats from Her favorite is below which is warm and waterproof and great for cold weather. I have had to modifying some of them.

Faux Suede Shearling Pet Coat
Item # 6200B

Faux Suede Shearling Coat is fully lined with Sherpa fleece and a wide Sherpa collar which keeps your pet warm in the coldest weather. Features 3/4 length back coverage with lots of detailing and a Velcro belly belt. 100% polyester. Can be machine laundered

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My girl has gotten along with a lot of big dogs. The only dogs she has issues with are dogs that bark at her. She doesn't like dogs who are constantly barking at her whether big or small. Her favorite dogs are a german shepard and a greyhound, both who rarely bark.

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I think my girl can find food where ever she is. I taught her the command "drop it" which she does, but I also know I have to watch her when we are walking because she will try to get it eatten before I can tell her to drop it. She can be pretty quick.

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My last dog was a basenji mix and he loved cats. He made cats friends where ever he went. I had as many as 5 cats with him and never a problem. Though, he would chase off other cats who picked on his cats. After he died, I brought my present dog into a home with 2 cats. She was adult dog when I bought her in. I had more issues with one of my cats being pretty mean to her the first week. After that the cats settle down. She always gotten along pretty well with them. She made a few attempts to chase them when I first got her, but just gave her some correction and she stopped. The cats did have to adjust to her since she was not as low key and layed back as my other dog was. They got used to each and got along really well. I never had to separate them after the first week. I think basenjis and cats can live in peace but it is a good idea to set some rules. Just be patient. Anytime a new animal or person for that manner comes into a family, there are always some adjustment for everyone.

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My girl does not like coats she has to put her legs into so she has a coat from She has the faux suede sherling coat which keeps her warm in idaho winters and is also waterproof. Karen


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I got my present girl from a basenji rescue group, she was 6 yrs old when I got her and she will be 12 yrs this summer. I think it nice to give an older dog a second chance. You miss the cute puppy years but you also miss the puppy years.

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My girls has always been able to sleep with me since I got her. She has 2 dog beds in the bedroom and there is also a couch in there as well. Sometimes she start out on the couch or one of the dog beds but almost always ends up in the bed under the covers by morning. Sometimes at bed time she is a bit frisky even with an evening walk, I will give her a chewy treat which she will work on until she get tired and goes to bed. Now she is 11 yrs, there are not too many times she isn't ready for bed when I am these days, but she will look for something to get into when she isn't ready for bed if I don't give her something to get her busy.

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After moving to Idaho, our 1st winter my girl adjusted to coats really quick. At night when she needs to go out if I open the door and she thinks it too cold, she will just give me the look and I will put her coat on, and off she goes. My girl doesn't like anything she has to put her legs into though.

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