• I have been tossing the idea around in my head about getting another dog. Alex and I purchased a home and will be moving in December.
    Honestly I don't know it will be a basenji for chance to play with. Chance has become fearless towards the cat and one of these days my cat will loose an ear or even his tail. Its obvious we need to get him a buddy but I think another basenji will make me loose my mind. My poor cat can't take much more of this. I would like to get a dog who would get along with chance. Do Basenji's get along with other dogs or will they just torment em to hell? :o
    Any suggestions on breeds please.

  • I think there are lots of basenjis that live with other dogs but as with all things it depends on the basenji and the other dog. I think success will be pretty dependent on you being very upfront about Chance's personality and traits and what personality and traits you are looking for in your second dog. I think good communication of expectations really helps in getting the right match for your household.

  • Maybe it's more of a Manning thing instead of a basenji thing, but Manning does better with dogs bigger than him. He tends to pick on little dogs like he picks on the cats we have at home.:)

  • Basenji get along with most other breeds… but again don't go looking for a small fluffy dog...gggg
    Basenji do well with Ridgebacks (if you are looking for a big dog)... but Lisa is right, you need to find a dog that matches Chance in traits and what you want... certainly you don't want something shy that Chance will just see as something just like the cat to chase.....

  • I would recommend getting your baby a puppy to raise. 🙂 We foster puppies and Corky is the best foster brother these little ones could ask for. He plays so gentle with them and lets them jump all over him. And, he doesn't pay as much attention to the cat when we have fosters. 😃

  • I too have heard that Bs get along better with dogs that are raised with them so perhaps getting a puppy for Chance to help raise would be a good idea 🙂 I know it worked for Mantis….I think Cesar was 6yrs when she got little Cairo.

  • Hi Vanessa! I’m glad to hear that Chance may be getting a companion 🙂 Have you thought of trying BRAT or the SoCal Basenji Rescue? The nice thing about adopting an adult dog through a rescue group is that they can usually tell you something about the personality of the dog. Karen did a great job of matching Tyler and Zoey with me and the home I was able to offer. Karen has many, many years of experience with basenjis—and they also have quite a few basenji mixes. They also do a “catability” test—i.e., one of the requirements for Tyler and Zoey was that they couldn’t go to a home with cats because they failed the “catability” test. They have dogs that are high energy—and dogs that are more calm—I bet they would have more than one who would be a good match for Chance. They have adopted many out over the years that go to families that already have one or more basenjis. You can also take Chance down and visit with their dogs to see how they get along. I actually ended up spending a few days down there with Tyler and Zoey during two separate trips. Good luck with your search!

  • Vanessa,

    A second basenji is super easy compared to one. They entertain each other, have the same interests, and temperment.

    But, if you are looking for another breed, here are a few breeds that Caesar absolutely loves to play with at the dog park:

    Australian Shepards

    Here are the breeds that Caesar has had trouble with overall at the park:

    German Shepards - something about them makes Caesar scared
    Pitts - treat my basenji like prey and are a little too hard when mouthing play
    Brittanys- freeze hunt and dont play when the basenjis want too

    I think that the play drive will be important. I would look for a dog that will retrieve or run to keep your basenji's interest. Caesar loves to chase the other dogs, but isnt interested in the same goal.

    Jeepjeep is trying to find a home for Rowdy on this thread:


    He seems to be a really sweet basenji and his temperment is very cute.

  • Vanessa, we have a beagle and a basenji. Our Basenji is a little much for her. She is more of a couch potato. At the dog park he plays well with most dogs after they accept that he is top dog :). Having the second dog definatley helps with the cats. We are actually tossing the idea of another Basenji. What is one more dog at this point?

  • Bringing a Basenji puppy home was easy for Jazz to accept. I think if I'd have brought any other breed home, I'd have had hell to pay for a long while. Jazzy is typically accepting of Basenjis, but is ready to attack any other breed we've ever seen, from small dogs to Rottweilers.
    And Keoki is already showing a tendency to be unfriendly when he sees other dogs – the bristle and growl are instant.

    Jazzy loves Gypsy now, but even when Jazz was 12 weeks old and we brought her home, her first response upon seeing Gypsy, who was three times her size at least, was to bristle, growl, and jump at her.

  • Hollie is only a basenji mix, but her doggie day care loves to see her arriving, because they have a Welsh Terrier attending day care that is HIGH ENERGY and Hollie is the only dog with the same energy level. I have noticed even small terriers, like a West Highland Terrier, has alot of energy too. Good luck, let us know what breed you decide on.

  • jenwilson-what is your B mixed with and does she bark?

  • I ask this because we are looking for B #2 and want to know which fall into the category for nonbarkless.

  • Hollie is a Basenji & Whippet mix… she can bark and yodel!! I love to hear the Barrroooooo -- it's just TOO cute. I only wish I could get her to do it on command.

  • @luzmery928:

    I ask this because we are looking for B #2 and want to know which fall into the category for nonbarkless.

    Duke and Daisy are B-mixes. Daisy doesn't bark, except when she's in a scrappy match with Duke. If they end up fighting, she'll growl and get so excited that a bark pops out. 😃 It's very surprising to here a bark out of her. She is Basenji/Beagle, we think. She is so sweet, but strong willed.

    Duke is very quiet, but will bark up a storm when the door bell rings, or he sees other dogs. We think he is Basenji/Jack Russell.

    Vanessa - I'm so glad that Duke has a playmate. Right now, your cat is Chance's only focus of attention. I bet his focus would be redirected to another dog - they play and do everything together.

  • Phoenix was very accepting of cheyanne and aspen cheyanne is a whippet so the basenji 500 has nothing on her running stints and aspen is a cattledog/terrier {rat or jack russell} i cant remember what they said, either way he is just very playful and they all got along great the only dogs i have yet to see phoenix not like are the ones that bark at him alot or if they growl and he is with cheyanne. he's cheyanne's little protector lol but other then that he is great with most all dogs big or small.

  • i have a Vizsla and a B they get along just great plus have the same energy level if you want a bigger dog i would say get a Vizsla puppy they are great. the Vizsla was my 1st dog and the B my 2nd. I also have a pet squrill that lives in my house i have had her 9 years the B and her get along o.k but i put a muzzel on the B so they can play it is quite funny i will try to post some vdeo of this

  • @StellaGirl:

    also have a pet squrill that lives in my house i have had her 9 years the B and her get along o.k but i put a muzzel on the B so they can play it is quite funny i will try to post some vdeo of this

    Wow! I'm looking forward to seeing that. I can't even imagine Cory and a pet squirrel together. Some years ago a country comedian (whose name I can't recall) did a very funny comedy routine about a squirrel getting loose in a church during a revival and that is what comes to mind when I think of a basenji and a squirrel in the same house.


  • lets just say i have one BIG mess to clean up from them playing and i need a nap !

  • Please, please post the video…I'm already laughing thinking about it. Oh, and BTW, I can understand why you might want to muzzle your B when playing with your squirrel 😃 :D!

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