Basenji Dog Bell

I was looking around at martingales on the internet an found this:

I saw only one post here referencing a bell collar.

I couldn't see Rye ever wearing a under belly bell 🙂

The way Jayden pees, the underbelly bell would have to be rust proof!


Very cool! I didn't even know you could get those bells in America. They look different than pics I have seen of the neck bells wore by the dogs in the area the Avongaras were exported from but neat none the less. 🙂

EL D would have that bell off his belly in no time! 🙂

My mum has one of these, though a bit different.A good friend of hers, sadly no longer with us of the Taysenji Basenjis brought it back for her when she spent time living in Zambia many years ago. It will be passed down to me when my mum is no longer here as it has sentimental values and I will never be parted with it.

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