Is my dog a basenji? Different tail?

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    So when I rescued him from a shelter they told me she was a terrier mix but then a vet told me she's a basenji. However, the tail looks different from most basenjis I've seen. What do you say?

  • I'd like to see more pictures, preferably standing up, side view. How big is she? What kind of vocalizations does she make?

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  • Shes small about 20 lbs. she is pretty quiet unless someone comes to the door or is outside of our fence then she barks a lot.

  • Maybe a Basenji cross. She has some similarities but certainly not a purebred. A DNA test would be interesting.

  • @cnunley7 Very cute..... possible that she is a Basenji mix

  • @cnunley7 Does she have a normal dog bark, or the singular "Boof"..... Boof...... Boof. She does look like she had basenji in her.

  • We have a black and white purebred that looks similar and he has a curly tail and very pointy ears. Never heard him bark. Only "howled" a few times when our son was teasing him and he was too small to jump off the ottoman. Other than that, when someone comes he takes off as do most basenjis unless they know and can see who the person is. They are naturally very suspicious of other people. However, he is super sweet and just love him to pieces!!!

    Your's looks the closest I have seen that is not a purebred though. Very cute doggie!!!

  • @bwbasenji23 said in Is my dog a basenji? Different tail?:

    Other than that, when someone comes he takes off as do most basenjis unless they know and can see who the person is.

    None of my basenjis take off when strangers arrive. They love people, even new ones. Basenjis that are well socialized should not take off over strangers.

    You said your dog is young.. 8 1/2 mos. Get him out a lot more, get people to come over JUST to see him. Go to the park with a buddy, have them give strangers treats (small ones! You don't want to make him sick!) and have them pass by and toss to him until he starts really getting happy about people coming near. In a few weeks, he'll be greeting company happily. ๐Ÿ™‚ Since you trained him so fast to use a bell, I have no doubt you'll be able to have him comfortable with strangers in no time.

  • We are a family of 6 but if someone comes in the house he will take off then come back in to check them out. He does really like people. He plays quite a bit with other dogs and with the size family he's probably over socialized with the number of people my kids bring back and forth. LOL.. He seems to gravitate towards big dogs too which is pretty funny. I think he thinks he's bigger than he is. He really really loves to run so when we take him to the school field down the street he runs his heart out with the other dogs.

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