Does my dog look basenji?

Not so much (to me), but I'm not a professional breeder.

More photos would be helpful. Basenji's typically have a square appearance. Leg length and the length of the back from the tail to the neck are usually about the same. So, a picture of your dog, standing, and showing one of their sides, would help us determine if they had the general shape of a Basenji.

Here's another picture I've read up on a lot of basenji traits and she has a lot of them but she was also raised with a cat (she was foster home for dogs)


I wish folks would not cross breed .

stafford ames morse

He is adorable - whatever breed he is!🐾❤

This beautiful basenji has to be a purebred. Upright ears, wrinkles, very alert, gorgeous color.

@ScewbyDoo your dog is beautiful! But to me he looks a little bit big for a Basenji? I'm not a professional either, just going by my own Basenji and his parents that I met.

Koa was a typical Pukkanut ! A lovely dog and a very worthy Champion.

This little person is cute whatever he is. Love him for that.

Your pup is gorgeous. He is what we call a "Beautiful Blend", my vet calls them "Lucky Little Street Dogs" because they look just enough like a purebred something that they are easily adopted. The only way to be for certain of your boy's breeding is to have DNA testing done.

My Roxy looks very similar. She was presented to me as a Basenji, but I knew at first glance that she was not.

@mrscastro said in Does my dog look basenji?:

She was presented to me as a Basenji, but I knew at first glance that she was not.

She's a lovely looking wee girl anyway !

I love your vet's description of these little 'accidental' breeds - so apt.

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@alibobo the people we got her from said she's a basenji pitbull mix, so she's about 30 pounds and she's a little taller than basenjis are supposed to be I believe

@ScewbyDoo that's cool! What a combo! I thought she had some sort of pitbull. What is her personality like? She looks very kind.

@zande Well..."wee" Roxy is nearly 50 lbs without an ounce of fat.

@mrscastro dang that's bigger than my pup by a large margin! Do you have any assumptions of what she's mixed with?

She's the sweetest dog that you'll ever meet after you get to know her, but she's very shy and timid I don't know what happened to her in the past but it has taken her a long time to understand punishment. She has those basenji traits of being stubborn and stuff but the first time she tried to pee in the house I took her outside and it was okay. Then the next time she tried to snap on me so I gave her a little tap on the butt (no harder than how you would hit a kids hand if you caught then trying to touch something they weren't supposed to) and you would swear I hit her as hard as I could and she was yelping and running away. I have speculations of her not getting enough attention and maybe being abused in the past because she used to never want to come out of her crate either for hours on end and now she hates her crate. She's came a long way but she's still very protective over my girlfriend and I.

@scewbydoo One of our vet techs volunteers with the shelter where she was born. Her mom was labeled as Jack Russell. Her goofy nature makes me think Boxer mix, but who knows. The shelters down in S. TX aren't the most accurate at breed identification. I once had a shelter in San Antonio send me a picture of a brindle Basenji they wanted me to was a calico cat.

Regardless of breed, Roxy is home.

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