Allergic to dogs who owns a basenji?

  • Is there anyone who owns a basenji and is allergic to dogs and cats?

    I read in many places that basenjis are good dogs for people with those allergies, as they have qualities that allow people with allergies to not have as many problems.

  • They are good for some people with allergies, but because they do shed, they have dander and this what usually sets people off. However it is not as bad as many other breeds. The best thing to do is to visit personally and see how you react.

  • Hello! I am allergic to lots of dogs and cats and I have 2 B's. Sometimes in inside of my arm will get a rash, but not often. But, I don't get any of the sneezing and itchy eyes that I get with other dogs.

    Before I got my dogs, I visited a few breeders and let them lick me, sit on my lap, etc etc etc to see if I was allergic.

  • My brother-inlaw is allergic to dogs. He never has a problem with my B but he's never all over him either. He's not really an animal person. He's fine with no pets…can't figure that one out. hahahaha My sister and her kids just have to enjoy my mini zoo.

  • My son. daughter & myself have bad allergies, cats in particular and the dogs do not really seem bother us.

    That's why we got a basenji originally.

  • my roommie is allergic to dogs, and he only has a problem with my B when he wears short sleeves and plays rough, he gets a little rash for 30 minutes. other than that, there is not one problem with sneezing or anything else.

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