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Cleopatra is 7 years old now. Her job is to press against me to keep me grounded and get me out of dark areas with people. She'll start licking to help me when I start stimming and get shaky. If the depression is bad she comes and sits near me and cries. Some days I can go without her but others she stays near me and goes where I go.

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Hey everyone! I'm new here! I have a basenji female, fixed named Cleopatra. We got her when my first service dog, a rescued Akita named Sachiko, passed away. The Service job was passed down to Cleo and she was retired after our car accident but has been recently been pulled out of retirement and being retrained because my problems have been getting bad again. She's wonderful and now I use a K9 sportsack to keep her closer and so people won't trip on her.
Are there any other Basenji service dog people here? Therapy or ESD? I would love to chat. !

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