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    Dear Basenji Lovers, I have just lost two friends.. Two Basenji's one day after the another.
    I am so heart broken. One was 15 years old, Roxie- she was blind and had medical problems. A rescue, that was wonderful. She passed on Monday. Then the very next day my 11 year Basenji - - boy Finn decided he wanted to join his girl friend. He started to bleed out into his tummy. Later on at the Emergency Vet a cancerous mass was found. It was time for him to go heaven. Two Basenji's in two days.. This story is so unreal. I miss them badly, like a couple that was had this very intimate connection.I truly miss you Roxie and Finn. Hug your Basenji's extra hard for me. I will never understanding why both had to leave me at the same time. It is always the living that has to deal with the loss of their Basenji babies. I know they are running free.

  • I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

  • @basrule
    Four legs, a big heart,
    it was love from the start.

    Those we love are always close,
    especially when we need them most.
    In our hearts, they'll always be
    young, happy and running free.
    Although they're gone,
    in our memory, they'll live on.

    — Anonymous

    My deepest condolences.❤🐾

  • I am so very sorry for your loss. Loosing even 1 furkid is bad enough, but 2 in just one day...............how heartbreaking. Finn was probably having troubles long before, and with Roxie crossing, it was just his time to want to go to be with her. They are both at peace and have new bodies. Roxie and Finn no longer have any medical problems. I would like to think that they have met up with my beloved Dannii and his niece Jenna.

  • Oh my lord, I am so extremely sorry for your loss. This is devastating. We are all thinking of you and sharing your pain. And leaking tears.

  • So very heartbreaking! My condolences. I hope the warm memories of lives you have shared will soon ease your pain.

  • I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. So hard! We just lost our basenji boy (12.5yrs old) to cancer last week (dx on a Thursday and went downhill very quickly, we helped him cross the rainbow bridge on Wednesday). Miss him so much!

  • I am so sorry for your losses. They must have had a very strong bond. Several years ago, my beloved mixed breed died of severe arthritis. He was almost sixteen. He and my female basenji had lived together their entire lives, and they were inseparable. She was living with kidney disease that was under control. After he passed away, she was so distraught; she looked for him everywhere in the house; couldn't find him. Her condition deteriorated very quickly, and three months later, she too died, I'm sure of a broken heart. May all of our dogs meet again.....

  • @sasha74 said in Basenji Loss:

    May all of our dogs meet again.....

    I am sure they do - and we can take comfort from that and all our memories. Basenjis do pine - and decline for a while. My Hoover was totally lost when her older half brother crossed the Bridge last year. She had been the pack baby for 11 years and seen them all (five of them) leave her and suddenly being the only dog in the house was so strange - and so wrong.

    The arrival of Mku though has brought the old lady back to life. Under his guidance she has become a young puppy again, they make a formidable team of mayhem creators and it is a joy to see her with him.

    Nothing can replace your two darlings but something else will need your love

  • I’m so sorry 😥

  • Very sorry to hear this. Losing one is a tragedy, losing two so close together to me is unimaginable. My thoughts are with you.

  • I am so sorry. Words are never enough, but they are all we can give you.

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    Thank you everyone that has shared a Basenji story. I know the Basenji babies could not go on in their bodies. But the loss is just so hard. Hearing about other Basenji's helps me through this process. I have been such a difficult situation, and hard to process. But will make it through knowing they are safe on the other 😪 side.

  • So very sorry on your losses.

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