Found a great site for Basenji Urns
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  • I have been desperately looking for an urn that would be beautiful enough to house my Beta that I have recently lost.

    I dont know if you want to sticky this thread and others can add their finds as well.

    I found that the selection out there is pretty crummy for the basenji breed.

    I have a beautiful Sandicast discontinued sculpture that looks very realistic and is about 8inches long. I originally thought this would be great hollowed out and painted to match Beta's markings. Apparently the cast is discontinued and would require a large lot to put it into production again. So that idea was shot.

    I have purchased an urn from a site that has three bronze basenji sculptures that are on top of the urn which can be left unmarked or can have the nameplate.

    I personally like the idea of a sculpture becuase it is a way to enjoy the breed and know that my Beta is there without people looking at it and realizing it may contain remains….that's just me...

    The site is

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    These are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the information.

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  • That is a wonderful way of remembering Beta. Thanks for sharing such a personal part of her (and your) life.

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  • I think these are beautiful! I love the one that is the basenji doing their typical JUMP :)

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    thoes are beautiful. My grandmother actually got the statue of the red and white you have on the bottom. I keep it on the fire place mantle so I am always being watched over. I am sorry for your loss.

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