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posted in Rainbow Bridge

Thank you everyone that has shared a Basenji story. I know the Basenji babies could not go on in their bodies. But the loss is just so hard. Hearing about other Basenji's helps me through this process. I have been such a difficult situation, and hard to process. But will make it through knowing they are safe on the other 😪 side.

posted in Rainbow Bridge

Dear Basenji Lovers, I have just lost two friends.. Two Basenji's one day after the another.
I am so heart broken. One was 15 years old, Roxie- she was blind and had medical problems. A rescue, that was wonderful. She passed on Monday. Then the very next day my 11 year Basenji - - boy Finn decided he wanted to join his girl friend. He started to bleed out into his tummy. Later on at the Emergency Vet a cancerous mass was found. It was time for him to go heaven. Two Basenji's in two days.. This story is so unreal. I miss them badly, like a couple that was had this very intimate connection.I truly miss you Roxie and Finn. Hug your Basenji's extra hard for me. I will never understanding why both had to leave me at the same time. It is always the living that has to deal with the loss of their Basenji babies. I know they are running free.

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