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Hi, I have 2 y.o. basenji female who has passed the JC test and AKC CAT test in Ramsey, Minnesota. Now, we're looking for a local basenji to run a QC test with her at an upcoming event in October, 2013. I'd love to hear from you if you need to qualify your basenji in QCs or are just willing to let your dog run with Ruby so she can run the test. Thanks!

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I stumbled upon this thread because I was trying to research Rock Creek Kennel in Meriden, KS because I had a bad feeling about them. We were looking to get a basenji pup earlier this year and found Rock Creek Kennel online. I was immediately skeptical as one of the first things I was told about purchasing a puppy is to be weary of breeders who will ship their puppies and accept PayPal straight from the website. We called the number from the Rock Creek website and had a number of questions to ask. We were told the information was on the website and did not receive any info from the man on the phone. We continued to do our research and found a breeder we are 100% confident in.

I can't find too much about this kennel online except what has been stated on this thread already. I do find it extremely alarming that "Rockcreekk" is so confrontational to people who love the breed as you would expect him to. When I had questions for the breeder we used she always had a lot of good, pertinent information to educate me. I also believe Rockcreekk is lying about Harold Buzz Powell, the sex ofender living in Meriden, KS. On the Rock Creek Kennel Facebook page they show off their newly painted office. This "office" is the same house that is shown on Google Maps for the address where Harold Buzz Powell is known to live.

My motivation to responding to this it to warn other puppy buyers of Rock Creek Kennel. If you want to go and check it out and you feel comfortable buying a puppy from them perhaps we're all wrong but please do your research. If no one buys from them then they won't have a business. Just be a smart consumer.

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