I'm going to suggest a possible Basenji/Jack mix. There is much that reminds me of a Basenji (head, ears, wrinkled brow) and much that reminds me of a Jack (leg structure). Basenji's are "square", in that they stand as tall as they are long. If you measure at the withers (base of the neck on her back), you should get the same measurment from the floor to there as from the tip of her tail to there. Her back looks like it may be typical for a Basenji, but the legs are far too short for the equation. Here are 2 links from the ACK that descirbe how a Basenji and Russell "should" look like. You might enjoy comparing the two to your girl...
Basenji Breed Info
Russell Terrier Breed Info

Of course, if you really want to know, there are Doggie DNA companies that could tell you (for sure). Either way, it sounds like she's lucky that you came along! Enjoy her!

Oh awesome thanks! Yeah I thought Jack Russell bc her legs are short in comparison to her body! Her tail curls slightly but is mostly straight and long. I got her because she reminded me of my Jack rat! 😁 She has barely any fur because of the mange that went untrested. She was tossed outside and had a litter of pups that all died. Her face is super wrinkly and I love it lol

She's about 3 years old. Had heartworm eggs. She's due back to make sure the mange meds killed the eggs off. But look at her cute wrinkles!!

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Basenji crossed with JR might be a good guess. Certainly her head and expression looks Basenji, and the size is right. I hope you do the DNA test, I would be interested in the results.

@kray14 I’m just guessing but Basenji / jack mix.

I don't see any Basenji but that's just a guess. If it matters, DNA tests are cheap, easy to administer, and pretty good. Way better than anyone's guess.

She does look part basenji - whatever she is - she’s ADORABLE!

I'd say there is at least some Basenji in that head, albeit not a lot ! Whatever she turns out to be, she's certainly a lucky dog to have met you, had her scourges cured and to have found someone she can really bond with. Love her to pieces - and do a DNA test if you feel you'd like to be sure. Continued good luck to you both !

She looks a lot like our JRT Stubby who passed this last September. She’s beautiful!

My opinion - definitely a basenji in the mix. I had a pet basenji, with champions on both sides, and the face of your dog reminds me of her so much!

Thanks! This is my Jack Russell rat terrier who I loved so much that I gave the Facebook ad for this dog a message 🙂 he was my baby. This girl is super stubborn. she's so smart but will only perk when you call her when she wants to 🙄0_1575413780907_FB_IMG_1575413698428.jpg

Omg she's at my boyfriend's house tonight and he sent me this picture!!0_1575435830490_IMG_4046.jpg

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