Brixton the Basenji!

Just added this little guy to our family today! Couldn't be happier. He's the cutest ever!!!0_1549926986652_27B0E6CD-72B1-448D-9B1F-D1019EB12099.jpeg

OMG! He is so cute! Absolutely ADORABLE!

So cute.....reminds me of the day I brought my Sarge home.....he's 3 years old now.....seems like yesterday. Enjoy the ride!!

He is very cute! Basenjis are a lot of fun.

Congratulations! So, I take it you had no trouble flying him over? All went well? He sure is a cutie. Like others said in your previous post, I'd leave it a while before training. He's too small to learn. Just enjoy his energy and have fun with him while he is this age. There's plenty of time for training. He won't be doing many things wrong at this age anyway. Remember, if you have any worries or concerns keep asking on this forum, there is so much experience here. Welcome to the Basenji world!!

As has been already said: 'enjoy the ride". Don't expect too much from him, and give him time to be a pup in new surroundings. Food is a good attractor/distractor, I hope he turns your heart soon.

@theoriginaldev A very lovely Dog indeed! Enjoy him!!!


Makes me want MORE PUPPIES ! Give him time and he'll tie you in knots ! Just look at that 'Who ME ?' expression. Lovely looking baby

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Always remember, with puppies (and dogs, and kids!), silence is suspicious! 😉

Beautiful pup!

What a sweetie! Congratulations on a lifetime of laughter, love, and general Basenji antics!!!

I disagee with it being too early to train. But keep it FUN and short

SHe has such a cute innocent face! So beautiful! But remember - that cute innocent face will be looking back @'you as he gets into mischief ! LOL! Congratulations on your new BUNDLE OF JOY! He will bring you much happiness!

@debradownsouth said in Brixton the Basenji!:

I disagree with it being too early to train

Its NEVER to early to start training but it has to be FUN for the puppy so he/she doesn't realise it's 'school.' Mine were always collar and lead trained and to a large extent potty trained before they left for their new homes. That was an absolute minimum !

Short sessions, daily and keep the FUN prominent ! Leave it too long and you'll never succeed. The pup will rule YOU and that is never good for either of you.

@zande He had a couple accidents in his bed today literally after I took him outside to pee. He went pee, then he came back in and peed on his bed... Whyy!!?

@theoriginaldev - He very likely has a UTI, take a urine sample to the Vet. Need to make sure first that there is no health issues.

IMO, unusual for a pup to pee "in his bed", unless the bed is in a crate and he is confined? Or is he marking his territory? Pretty young for that. Otherwise I'm surprised he didn't pick a different place to pee, even if a UTI is the issue.....

@eeeefarm - my experience with UTI's on puppies is they can't control this with a UTI, especially at this age of 8wks

Pat, might the problem have started because of time spent in transit? If he didn't pee for the duration, perhaps that might have resulted in a UTI?

Puppies don't normally 'wet the bed' - But he's young, he's in a new environment, he's away from his canine family. He could be making his bed smell familiar or he might not fully realise that it is his bed. Give him time.

Take a sample to the vet and check there isn't an infection but relax and make him feel at home.

He'll soon settle.

I think it could've been the texture of the bed. Also, it's been raining and snowing in Utah the past week. He hates it. I bought puppy pads today tho. It was a nice day today so we spent a lot of time outside. No accidents today, he's been a good boy. Thoughts?


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