Basenji Love

True Love 🙂

WOW, how very cute

Great picture!! Love it!!!

Awesome! Love 'em!

OMG…did they do that on their own? That is so awesome!

You need to have some art made of that first pic..I would totally buy a shirt with that on it!

One of the cutest pictures on the forum. And that is saying something.

My two sleep like that some times, just without the tails curled together. They like to also push me out of the bed altogether so they can do that.

That is the most adorable thing ever 😃

Thanks everyone 🙂

The bottom photo was not posed, they did that themselves. These photos were taken in October. Ono had just come back from being on 'vacation' at her breeders because she was in season. She was 9 months old and since this was my first time having an intact dog and bitch at home I traded Kathy for one of her dogs just to keep things safe. They were so happy to be together again after a month but they had a blast playing with their new buddies. I did make a few adjustments for the top photo but it was taken at the same time as the other.

I agree… one of the best pics I have seen on here!

Hi Libby, 1) Great photos! 2) I just wanted to say thanks for your honesty with regard to the few adjustments to pic #1. In today's world it seems such a basic quality as honesty is rather lacking so it is refreshing (for me at least) to come online and find it!

Thanks for making my day.

This is a very cute picture! 😃

OMG that is one priceless picture. PLEASE submit to BRAT's calendar! They take nonbrat dog pics too!


♥ it…how lovely.

It was taken on my cell phone so hopefully the BRAT Calendar people will be able to use it. I don't think so due to the low picture quality though, I'll send it in to see if they can do something!

Here is another one I found of Dude and his best friend Chrissy. Chrissy now lives in Sweden!

This is another one of my favs, Dude says hi to all his friends online 🙂

So very cute!!:)

That is adorable!

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