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We currently have a 1 year old male (Brixton) and we are getting him a sister in the next 2 weeks. My question is, should we introduce them in a certain way? Brix has always been the playful type and always enjoys other dogs. We don’t feel like he would act in any way negatively because he’s so young and playful. Any advice you can give us on the introduction? The rest we can definitely take care of considering we’re both self employed and are home every day, so training and all that will be the usual.

Thanks in advance!


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I think it could've been the texture of the bed. Also, it's been raining and snowing in Utah the past week. He hates it. I bought puppy pads today tho. It was a nice day today so we spent a lot of time outside. No accidents today, he's been a good boy. Thoughts?


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@zande He had a couple accidents in his bed today literally after I took him outside to pee. He went pee, then he came back in and peed on his bed... Whyy!!?

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Just got him today!! Couldn't be happier. Meet Brixton (Brix) 0_1549927163962_C6C95C09-F0F2-4183-B7AE-61644B1FC49D.jpeg

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Just added this little guy to our family today! Couldn't be happier. He's the cutest ever!!!0_1549926986652_27B0E6CD-72B1-448D-9B1F-D1019EB12099.jpeg

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I'll admit, No, I've never owned a Basenji and I've been studying up on the breed for months now preparing myself as much as possible. I'll ask my vet when I get him tomorrow what he thinks about puppy school and exposure. Thanks for the advice. Also, I know I seem super confident but I'm trying to stay positive about it. I myself am a stubborn person so maybe my B will fit nicely with my lifestyle.

I just want to be the best parent 😭😭 haha

Thanks again you guys.

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Thank you for the feedback everyone. With all do respect.. I've had numerous dogs growing up and I've always received them at 8 weeks. I've lived on farms and have lived in Utah my whole life. My dog's have always done extremely well with this endless recreation I've provided them. I'm adamant on training and I don't live in fear that 8 weeks is too early. I believe in environment.

Puppy school is going to set a great foundation for him and I truly believe that especially when there is great puppy schools in Utah that are all free from 8-20 weeks. Utah believes in puppy training. We're blessed here.

As for the breeder. I've actually talked with Candyce numerous times via email, text, phone, and Skype (She's and Android user) and I must say, I would never put down any sort of money on something that I don't believe is a great investment. She talks with me every day, her daughter has basenjis as well and has sent me photos and updates when Candyce has had other obligations with, oh I don't know, life.

I believe whether you have a dog or a child or whatever you have in this world, there are always going to be someone telling you how wrong you're doing things. I think I've gotten my answer. No, I will not be telling Candyce to hold onto my puppy. I will provide everything and more for him that even the people I do know don't do for their dogs.

Thanks for the feedback, it has been much appreciated!

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All tests have been cleared luckily and he starts puppy school on Wednesday which will continue his socializing and we have plenty of neighbors with dogs and friends with dogs and puppies. I get that being away from his littermates and parents might be difficult but I have a structured social lifestyle he will be coming home to. SHOULD I BE WORRIED??

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I live in Utah and I'm purchasing my first Basenji pup. He will be 8 weeks old on the 11th and he is being flown in from Texas. Should I be worried about his anxiety when I get him? I want to take him to the vet to get looked at as soon as possible too. Should I give it a day and let him acclimate? I feel bad that he has to fly but I know that is going to be the worst part of his entire life because of a great lifestyle I can provide for him here. Thoughts?


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Luckily they have the type with bones mixed in so I'll be doing that until he gets his adult teeth then I'll switch over to bone in meat.

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