Brixton the Basenji!

@theoriginaldev - He very likely has a UTI, take a urine sample to the Vet. Need to make sure first that there is no health issues.

IMO, unusual for a pup to pee "in his bed", unless the bed is in a crate and he is confined? Or is he marking his territory? Pretty young for that. Otherwise I'm surprised he didn't pick a different place to pee, even if a UTI is the issue.....

@eeeefarm - my experience with UTI's on puppies is they can't control this with a UTI, especially at this age of 8wks

Pat, might the problem have started because of time spent in transit? If he didn't pee for the duration, perhaps that might have resulted in a UTI?

Puppies don't normally 'wet the bed' - But he's young, he's in a new environment, he's away from his canine family. He could be making his bed smell familiar or he might not fully realise that it is his bed. Give him time.

Take a sample to the vet and check there isn't an infection but relax and make him feel at home.

He'll soon settle.

I think it could've been the texture of the bed. Also, it's been raining and snowing in Utah the past week. He hates it. I bought puppy pads today tho. It was a nice day today so we spent a lot of time outside. No accidents today, he's been a good boy. Thoughts?


No accidents is a good sign. If a UTI was the cause I don't think you would be having success. What a cute boy! Enjoy, they grow up fast!

@eeeefarm - very possible... he was pretty young for a long plane ride

@theoriginaldev - Yes, rain could be the problem, still would make sure by taking a urine sample to be checked. With most Basenji puppies being born in the winter this is the reason that I litter box train all my litters as do most

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