Basenjis - Animated - on COSMOS

Apologize if this has already been posted somewhere (I looked where I figured it might be but didn't see it).

On Cosmos: A Spacetime Oddessy ep. 2, there was an animated feature that talked about the domestication of dogs, and showed a group of primitive hunters in yurts with their faithful hunting dogs. Couldn't be any mistaking the markings, curly tails and shapes of our favorite breed as they chased down prey with their people.

Wish I could find a clip to share if you missed it, but understandably the show's too new for anything to be up. Just keep your eyes out if they ever repeat it…it's right at the beginning.

Unfortunately I learned of the show only after it was already on, BUT, according to this programming guide it will be on again: The particular episode is "Some of the Things That Molecules Do". Set your PVRs….

My son had downloaded it and called me into his room yesterday and asked if they were Basenji, really neat stuff to watch.

Jolanda and Kaiser

They look like Basenjis to me. It was fun to watch. Kananga, of course, slept through it. 🙂


First Basenji's

Yep, saw it,,,,,how did you get that pic???? Kudos to the Dr's knowledge of what breed to show!

I was about to post the attached picture that I saw in episode 3 of Cosmos where I noticed for about two seconds this pair of Basenjis randomly playing in a 17th century English coffee house.

Yep, we saw that one, too (the coffeehouse one). I'm guessing the animator or someone involved with the show has really good taste in dog breeds! 🙂

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