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Yep, we saw that one, too (the coffeehouse one). I'm guessing the animator or someone involved with the show has really good taste in dog breeds! 🙂

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Apologize if this has already been posted somewhere (I looked where I figured it might be but didn't see it).

On Cosmos: A Spacetime Oddessy ep. 2, there was an animated feature that talked about the domestication of dogs, and showed a group of primitive hunters in yurts with their faithful hunting dogs. Couldn't be any mistaking the markings, curly tails and shapes of our favorite breed as they chased down prey with their people.

Wish I could find a clip to share if you missed it, but understandably the show's too new for anything to be up. Just keep your eyes out if they ever repeat it…it's right at the beginning.

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Good to know. Thanks for all the responses. She'll still have the other side of her mouth to chomp on stuff. 🙂 And yes nkjvcjs I'm sure they do an x-ray at this place before proceeding.

I know one thing…next time around I'm gonna be an anasthesiologist (sp?). That's like half the bill! 🙂

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Well, Shera had her checkup and everything looks good except…she's cracked one of her back teeth pretty bad and the vet would like to extract it. Said she could go on fine with it as is but it might also get infected. It's toward the rear of her mouth and I have to admit, it looks pretty bad.

So the real question is has anyone else had to deal with something like this? The vet said there's little to worry about. The wound should heal up no problem but I figured I'd ask the pack here if they had any experiences they'd care to share.

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Almost got thrown out of the gym. I'm on the elliptical and they have a tv in front of the machine. Saw the dogs trotting around and did my usual mental "Guess what breed WON'T be shown on this ad?" and then lo and behold - A BASENJI! Which is pretty much what I hollered out loud. Got a couple looks. 🙂 Trying to find it for the wife to see…if anyone can find a link to it and post it, please do so!

And yes, he looked very regal standing on his boulder.

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We've had She-Ra for four years now, and the following is some of the stuff I "warn" people about at the dog park/on walks/ etc. when they ask about our dog:

  • She's spoiled my wife for all other breeds. We've talked about other dogs but only Basenjis will do.

  • You will get a bath every night. No exceptions. The pack doesn't sleep until everyone gets a "good night" kiss. Or three. Or eight.

  • If You Leave It Out She Will Get It. <- The Cardinal Rule.

  • If She Gets It You Will Not Have It Anymore. <- Corollary to the Cardinal Rule.

  • And of course the rule we all know by heart now: A Tired Basenji is a Good Basenji.

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They just opened a new park built on a retired landfill that has not one but TWO areas for dog parks, so when one gets run down, they'll open the other and close the first to allow grass to regrow, etc.

She-Ra loves it, too, because unlike the other parks this one is wide open and has TONS of running room. Dream come true for us, but it'll still get hot in the summertime, I'm sure.

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She-Ra could care less about the tree unless it's time to go walk and she wants our attention. We put the ornaments on about 3/4th of the way down, but really she doesn't seem to care about any of them.

The garland we've hung over one of our blinds? That's another story. 🙂

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She-Ra goes to our local park at least twice a week. It's a nice area with a sectioned-off area for smaller dogs or if a dog is having "behavior issues" you can take it in there if there's no other dogs. A lot of "regulars" maintain law and order if a dog owner is getting out of line (allowing their dog to bully, etc.). She enjoys it.

  1. Runs in to do her business really quick.
  2. Sniffs everyone, but hates it when other sniff her. There'll be the occasional "give me space" growl if too many dogs get around her at once and sniff.
  3. Spends most of the time sniffing and standing in the middle of the park staring like a statue at something. Then you get the eventual chase going - those are always fun because the other owners are like 'Oh, She-Ra's gonna get caught!' and I grin and say 'No she's not.' as she runs circles around all the other dogs. I love watching my dog run…it's poetry in motion.
  4. After about an hour she's pooped and ready to go back home. We've had very few incidents with her that haven't been swiftly fixed. She seems to enjoy going quite a bit, and we're making friends with some of the regulars...I guess we're fairly regular now by this point as well.
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When we see other dogs on our path, I tend to move off it and let them "play through". Every now and then you get someone curious about the breed and we'll instigate a meet and greet, just to see how far either dog will go.

I tend to look for the "mohawk" - those bristled up back hairs that let me know she's on edge. Plus She-Ra's a growler, so you can usually get a little forwarning if she's not happy about the situation. Generally that's enough for both me and the other owner/walker to realize we should pull back.

I get more incidents at the dog park than we do on walks, but I think that's almost to be expected. Never anything bad, though…She-Ra knows to run like hell if it gets too hairy, and she can pretty much outrun anything that's shown up in the park (so far). 🙂

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