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@jblair814 He needs instant and proper feedback on his play bites. Your yelp feedback could work to an extent. Make sure it's instant and maybe a louder shriek than what you're already doing? Next best thing (and you'd have to make a call on this slight risk) is to take him to training class or a dog park to play with other dogs. Dogs play bite and give feedback faster and much more frequently than a human can in the same short time window. People may have mixed views on this but consistent socialization early on is important.

My pup was biting hard as well and dog parks fixed it pretty quickly. But when when he hit adolescence he got slightly aggressive to some (not all) dogs so I stopped taking him to the park just to be safe. But at least he learned to play bite properly during those few months and still knows how when we play wrestle.

I'm iffy about the time out thing. I understand they can be stubborn. We used our laundry room as a time out and one time he shredded what he could and pooped everywhere. Luckily he wasn't traumatized because there are times he sneaks in there without us knowing then when we shut the door he's alone in the dark but when we eventually find him he's calm. But he was traumatized from using his crate as a timeout (now he aggressively resists going into any crates). They can be touchy so be careful with timeouts yet they need to behave somehow. Rock and a hard place.

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Anyone else here order their retest on October 30 and not get any update on the status besides "Retest scheduled"?
I left a voicemail and emailed OFA 2 weeks ago and Debbie said it would take 2-3 weeks from date of order or depends on how many orders are ahead of mine. It's been more like a month and a week. 😕

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Hmm I ordered my retest the day I got the email (Oct 30) and the same day got a confirmation email back saying I can check the status on the OFA site. 18 days later it still says, "Retest scheduled," but just now I'm seeing people on this thread saying they got their results weeks ago? Something's not right. I'm going to email/call them.

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UDDATE: When it came to the point handing him over to a new family, my family insisted to continue caring for him after realizing how beloved a family member he is. (Also consider this thread was started on impulse in reaction to my employment situation.) My travel situation got postponed so I've had a few extra weeks to train/transition the duty over to them. Logan is in very loving and capable hands. Thank you everybody for the concern and honest advice!

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Who is the breeder? Nationals are starting this week so some people have already started their trip. It is possible that is why you have not received a response.

Her name is Nichole. I don't think she regularly attends events but I've seen one record of Logan's dad (Indiana Bones) participating in an event.


How is Logan's relationship with your father and brother? Will he be happy to be "their" dog? I think leaving him outside with a companion could work, but in your position I would see whether another suitable home placement is feasible unless either your father or brother really likes the dog well enough to want to put in the time necessary with a Basenji, i.e. do they really want to have a dog, or in this case two dogs to take care of for the foreseeable future?

He's happy with my dad and brother. My brother watches him the most when everyone's out working. I do the hygiene, training, pottying, cleaning, feeding, and exercise; my dad and brother sparingly help with pottying and walking. He lets out a few deep gurgles when either I or my dad comes home from work. My mom likes him when he's behaved; not so much when she sees his little furs around the house or chewed up door moldings and shoes. She's pro re-homing him just because of that. Ironically, the 3 who experience mild allergies (myself, my brother, and my dad, not my mom) are the ones who want to keep him.

I talked to a trainer and dog adoption center owner today and they were against leaving him out overnight because, like you all said, separation from the pack will have long term effects on behavior. I relayed this to my family and they agreed in keeping a dog indoors overnight (as is Logan's case right now). So the shed (which BTW is a ridiculous $2000 from Home Depot and looks like a guest suite) is a no-go.

But about Logan being happy as "their" dog… after laying out my demands on ownership, my dad and brother didn't seem enthused. They're not excited about attending the next level of puppy/owner training, taking him to dog parks, nor exercising him morning and night. Though they enjoy having him around and are willing to help out sometimes, I don't think they'll follow through with the same full care I give Logan. So looks like it will be a re-home. To those who messaged me with interest, I will respond.

On a positive note, today Logan eased into meeting some friendly boxers/boxer mixes, wrestled with a husky, and ran with a German shepherd and a Doberman after over a month of not going to the dog park since his neutering. Guess the fixing helped... this was the first time he wagged his tail at bigger male dog strangers!

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I discussed this more with my father. His idea is to setup a 10'x8' storage shed with dog door in a sectioned off area in the backyard. Whenever anyone in the family is home he will be taken indoors and also get daily exercise (usually my brother comes home at odd times on a college schedule). Logan will only be in that shed to sleep at night or when nobody is home during the day. I plan to visit the adoption center for Logan to meet a supposedly well-behaved, housebroken Tibetan Terrier female to be his candidate playmate. They will share that shed so he always has a pack member with him.

I have less than a month to ultimately decide what to do for Logan but this is a tentative plan that may just work!

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^Thanks guys.


What about is breeder? Responsible breeders take back any pups they place when needed?

Yeah, I messaged his breeder last night. When I first got him she said she takes them back if necessary. Still waiting for her response.

This morning my family said they could continue caring for him after I move. My dad and brother have a mild allergic reaction and we clean the house every other week; they would keep him only if he lives outdoors and can have another dog playmate (Logan is our only dog; I'm searching for an adoption as I type). Does anyone keep their Bs outdoors? Considering San Diego weather is close to ideal year round, our fences are high (he's not a jumper), and we would line the backyard so he can't dig out, can he live in a sectioned off area in our backyard with another dog? I'd think so if they've lived outdoors for centuries in Africa.

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Edit: Keeping Logan (See my last post in this thread).

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Please delete this thread. Even though I scanned up and down the main forum 3 times for a more appropriate section before posting this thread, I just now saw the correct section and will now post to there. Sorry.

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