The Power of Animals - basenji reference

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    I've been reading an ethnography called The Power of Animals by Brian Morris for a paper that I'm writing. The book is about the the relationships between Malawi cultures and the animal world. In the section on hunting, it says that all serious hunters have a hunting dog. He describes the dogs as basenji-like. They aren't aggressive, but are loyal, tenacious, and have great endurance. The physical descriptions he gives are spot on, from size, coat, and colors to curly tail, wrinkled forehead, and barklessness while hunting. He does say that they bark when threatened or disturbed. They consider their dogs to be friends and part of their household.

    I thought this was interesting, especially since I just happened to come across it.

  • Interesting. Griff barks when disturbed, excited, or he's trying to get our attention.

  • First Basenji's

    Sounds like a fascinating book! I'm going to try to track it down.

  • It's a coincidence that you should mention this Crystal. Yesterday i was writing to a young child who lives in Northern Malawi and was unsure whether to mention our Basenji.
    When corresponding you are asked to be careful about mentioning certain subjects in case you cause offence.
    However when i emailed for advice i have been told it will be ok to mention Malaika.

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