North Carolina Basenji owner

Hi new here with my Basenji Abby

Welcome to you and Abby 🙂

Welcome. We'll need to see a pic - not of you but of Abby. And we'll want to know where you got Miss Abby from because a lot of us are "related" to each other by basenji. Sort of like a really big family reunion where you don't recognize everyone, but they're all family. 😉

Welcome aboard! I'm just glad to not be the new guy anymore since I just joined the forums last night

Welcome to both of you!

Welcome! I live in the Greenville area with 2 basenji girls, Lola and Becca. 🙂 What color is your girl? Mine are both tri's.

Welcome to the Forum. I'm sure you'll enjoy being here.

Welcome both of you!

(And Patty M…Have you moved from Tampa?)

Thanks to all of you from Miss Abby. I have posted a photo of Abby and I got her when she was 3 months old from Saraha Lee the breeder.
Abby's mother name is Isis and her father name Achilles. Abby is such a little lover she loves everyone she meets.

Patty M -My little girl is brindle and Abby's playmate is Zena but she is a German Shepard they get along great.

First Basenji's

She is a beautiful brindle! Welcome to the forum!!! I'm relatively new here as well.. We recently adopted Saavik from BRAT and she is a brindle too!

Thank you we think she is so special and I know you will love your new addition.

Can I ask where you got her?

I got Abby from a friend in North Carolina.

First Basenji's

Welcome Lynn! I am in NC too with a 2 year old basenji boy. I live in Winston Salem. One of these days we need to have a NC basenji meet-up group!

First Basenji's

Welcome to the forum! I'm on the southern coast of NC and have a 6 year old boy. And I agree, we should have a meet-up 🙂

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