• I rescued a dog from the {ound last summer. She is the best dog I have ever owned. I ended up with her on accident. I know she is a mix. The mother is a Shepherd, but a friend of mine that once had two Basenji says it is definetaly half Basenji. I have been lurking this website and the more I read about others dogs the more I think he is right. She is an amazing hunter. Birds and Squirrels seem to be her specialty. She chews on anything she can find, and loves to run. Below is a pic and I would apprecaite any input on what you may think.

  • I do know one thing, she is absolutley adorable

  • I was stunned at how beautiful she looks. Gorgeous! I do see those Basenji eyes, nose and white tip tail. She even has the white socks and basenji paws. I'm not the expert here, but my guess is your friend is right. These are adorable pics - both your baby girls. I have 2 B-mixes. The first one, Duke 1 year + 3 mos. When I read all about Basenji's and saw pictures - I had it figured out. They have distinctive quirks that set them apart from most other breeds, don't they? Congrats and kudos for saving your girl. What's her name?

  • I agree that both your little baby girl is adorable and your furry baby is as well. He does have the same eyes and nose that distinguish the B's. Good luck and welcome.

  • Thanks for all the comments. I have always owned American Eskimos before this. I love those dogs but this dog is amazing. The traits she inherited from the Shepherd line compliment very well with he other mix. The hunting qualities are unreal. She is the only dog I have ever seen catch a squirrel, and I am having a hard time breaking her of that. She has also coralled deer onto out carport in front of my workshop. The only thing that drive me nuts is the chewing. She will chew on anything. Thankfully she only does it outside.

    She was given to me by mistake. The pound had her in a cage with my uncles rat terriers. He had passed and we could not catch the dogs. I went to pick them up at the pound and they said this one was picked up at the same address. 7am the next morining I got a call. They said the dog was due for euthanization the day before and they needed her back so they could do the job. :eek: I was outraged and told them I would not bring her back so they could kill it. we went round and round and basically left it at this – I live in another County. Come get me. I have not seen them. two day before I lost a 15 year old dog. I think this one was a gift. Truly the smartest I have ever owned and most important she is very gentle with children.

    Her name is Maggie.

  • Here is how I know the mother is a German shepherd. In our discusion about me bringing the dog back he metioned where the dog was picked up. I decided to drive by the house. It was vacant but had been a rent house. the nieghbor told me that he was the one that had the pound pick her up. The owner left it and two others. Other nieghbors adopted the other pups but she was left. He was an old man and could not care for it so he figured it would be adopted fast at the pound. I told him she almost did not make it. If I had waited a couple of hours she would have been killed. I gave him the number to a rescue group here that helps find dogs homes or alternate places that do not kill them.

  • She is absolutely beautiful. I too noticed the paws. You don't see very many dogs with the deer like legs and paws (so dainty). She definately looks like a basenji mix and they do LOVE to chew. Trick is to always have lots and lots of chew toys around to keep them busy. There are some great threads on here about toys our B's like (you may have already seen that). Welcome and again what a gorgeous dog!

  • Yea, looks like a Basenji mix to me, she is beautiful, and she has that B look, you know the one, "I am Regal, look how pretty I am", haha!!!! Watch that chewing, I suggest you inspect your furniture, they will chew up things in the house, my B has chewed up lots of my stuff. She has lots of toys, and chew treats, so watch out!!!! We are in the process of teaching "Leave It", and we are making progress. This breed is so one of a kind, I have had lots of dogs myself over the years, and she is my favorite, and worth the stuff I have lost due to those teeth. haha!!!!:D

  • yep. you've got a basenji mix. no turning back now.

    she's beautiful.

  • Oh, what doll baby! Her head just screams "Basenji" at me. I, too, think you've got a Basenji mix.

    Welcome to the forum!

  • i think she has that look in her eyes…

    gorgeous baby, so glad you guys found eachother

  • Well, don't know if really a B mix, but totally cute…. and obviously by the story she was meant to live with you!!!!

  • She must be part basenji as she was clever enought to pretend to be part of your uncle pack 😃 . This save her life 🆒 , good the pound staff made a mistake!
    How stupid can they be to recall for a dog to be killed 😕 they should have been please she was safe.
    Take good care of her!

  • Looks like a pretty Basenji mix to me as well. Welcome to the forum, join the insanity!:D

  • I, too, think her head is purely Basenji!

  • Hello and welcome. Maggie looks basenji to me too. I agree with what someone else wrote about the "deer legs." She is gorgeous and very lucky to have you in her life.

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