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Did anyone see the dog show last night? The Basenji finally made the judge's first cut in the hound group! First time I've ever seen that happen.

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Our little girl, Nami, is very vocal. She has a special greeting for us whenever we come home. And if we reach into the treat jar but don't give her the treat in a timely manner, we hear about that too… she scolds us for being too slow. Nami will also "talk" to the other dogs at the bark-park when they won't play with her.

Our boy, Radar, is just the opposite. We refer to him as "The strong, silent type." He doesn't say much, but when he does, it is very loud! He usually sounds off when he and his sister are wrestling, then Nami breaks away to hide under the dining room table. He'll stand in the middle of the room and let loose with a resounding "bah-rooooooo."

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We have a pair of 3 years olds… brother & sister, that sleep with us. Once in a while the boy will howl in the middle of the night. Although it wakes us up, it is quite comical. Both of them will take the occaisional "walk" while napping as well.

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The only way to bath my two, is to take them into the shower. I use the sprayer with hose. My husband get in the shower and bathes them and I hold the other so he does not escape the bathroo. Then its his turn. While he getting his shower, i'm drying his sister, (with lots of help). It ends up with everyone soaked. lol…

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I have a basenji girl about 2 years old that has had valley fever for about 1 year. I would like suggestions on treatment other than bloodtest every 3 months. She has been on meds. Her titer count has stayed about the same at 1:32 as of last sept. I would like to get her off the medication or at least all the bloodtest every 3 months. She also takes half of a vitiam C pill.

She shows no sign of vally fever execpt the first sign of the seizure. She has the tipical high energy and eats everything. Any suggestions.😕


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Hi everyone,
I just found this forum. I have had my 2 basenji's for 3 years coming this dec 29th. They are brother/sister. We are located here in peoria, az. They are a handful especially the male who gets into everything that is not nailed down.

We did all the research and new what we were getting into, that why we have 2. A tired basenji is a good banenji. We take them to the "bark park" every weekend. Its their time to meet and greet everyone.

Good luck one your pup..take lots of pictures. We have taken ours to Petsmart for the professional pictures every year. It takes about 1 hour until they get the right shot. My male is very active and moves alot.

Right now the little girl has valley fever we are trying to get her tiger count down, but next year I want to add to our family, (if the male alowes it). lol:)

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