Soon to be basenji owner

Just figured I should say Hi!

I should have my first own Basenji puppy in February. I seriously can't stand waiting anymore, I've been on this forum for close to 1 year already, waiting for a puppy.


Hi great news your about to be a basenji parent. Parents are very nice looking. What are you getting boy or girl and do you have a name yet? Lots of fun ahead get the house puppy/child ready that will keep you busy some.

Rita Jean

Houston exciting.
The wait will be so worth it..although it is hard. Tell us more…

Congrats!!!! They are both gorgeous!!!!

Congrats on your soon to be new addition! I'm sure the wait is super hard - be sure to post pics.

BTW, my boy Brando (Sternhimmel's Generis Sui) is from Finland and is distantly related to your pup…Brando's grandmother is Sternhimmel's Quinta Essentia (who is also in your pup's pedigree). 😃

Welcome to the forum and congrats on the soon coming puppy!

Welcome to our pack – since you've been lurking for some time you know there is a lot of collective experience here. Don't be shy with the questions.


What are you getting boy or girl and do you have a name yet?

I'm hoping for a girl, and the name would most likely be Nicole.

Oh, congrats to choose this combination! Are you looking for some special colour?

Well I'm looking for a tri-girl, but we'll see what happens 🙂

Happy you joined us!

Wizard, you are a hoot. Thanks for the smile

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