• Hello, I just picked up my new red healer yesterday, at least that is what they told me she was. To my surprise, I believe she is a red healer, Basenji cross. she is very alert and has a very strange bark. Very quiet almost like a dog that has been debarked. She is suposed to be 5 months but I am sure she is more like 8 months plus as she has all of her adult teeth. Anyway, If you agree with me and think I belong on this sight please let me know

  • I don't know what breed she is, but she's very pretty! 🙂

  • Looks to me like there's some Basenji in her. How big is she?

  • She is adorable!! And yes, quite possibly a Basenji mix…..especially in the head & ears....she has the wrinkles!

    I'm seeing a lot of these similar mixes!! Maybe I'm just noticing them all now, because I'm preparing to foster a very similar looking Basenji/Australian Cattledog mix who is also about 6-8 months old. It's getting a bit worrisome how many there are, LOL....of all breeds, one would think this mix would make very CHALLENGING pets!

    The girl I'm getting is in CT; your post says you're in WA? That's kind of a stretch for them to be possible littermates, but it's a very neat coincidence!! Chloe also has a funny bark- half bark, half hoarse moan & some grunts. My friend says she sounds like the Velociraptors on Jurassic Park. There appear to be a couple other Basenji/Cattledog mixes hanging around this board as well....and also some people who own both breeds.

    Here's a pic of Chloe:

    and another:

    According to my friend, she's a bucket of behavior issues. Mostly over-the-top neurotic energy combined with the stress of being confined in a shelter for far too long. A little seperation anxiety. Doesn't crate well. Housebreaking isn't great. But she's bright, biddable, knows a couple commands, plays fetch & appears to have the makings of a great Frisbee dog. I don't think any of her issues are deep-seated temperament problems; maybe I'm a glass-half-full person but I have faith I can work with her.

    I hope you'll stick around and share stories about your new pup!! Once I get Chloe here, we can compare horror stories 😉

  • Chloe is a beautiful dog. She needs to be very, very patient with her. She'll come around fine with time and gentle handling.

  • Cooldog - yours looks like she might have some shephard in her as well (I'm assuming she's on the small side though) - she looks similar to a shephard/beagle/plus mix I had when in college.

  • Veyr pretty dog. With the energy she has, you should get her into flyball or rally.
    That would burn off some energy for both of you!

  • Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice looking dog. Stick around, there's a lot of good info here.


  • I thought some type of Basenji/Shepherd/other mix myself. Very cute!

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