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I have a basenji thats a little over a year old and there is something that I still haven't figured out. She keeps having accidents in the house when I leave the place and no one else is home (or if anyone leaves her a lone in the place for any period of time).

For instance, I just took her out in the morning and then a couple hours later I got to throw the trash out and she pee'd in the house after I left. Why does she keep having accidents when someone leaves her for a little while in the house?

Its a little annoying to crate her every time I have to step outside…

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well..figured I should update as well, so right now I switch between freezer dried, freeze dried, and kibble…seems to work great for her!

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no, the crate is fairly large….she can easily move around in it.

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So my 6months old is in heat right now and I've noticed that she howls in the crate but only when I leave the apartment. Shes always been fine in the crate. The crate is always open in the living room and she likes to go in there and sleep during the day. During night, she sleeps fine in the living room and doesn't howl or anything but only does this when I leave my apt. Is this because of her just in heat right now?

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So I had a appt to get my B (6 months) spayed and she went into heat last Friday night. Called my vet and she said it was ok to spay her during heat (and she is a really good vet, not some joe schome) but I've heard otherwise, that you should wait after she is done with heat. What do you guys think?

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Took some pics with my micro four thirds camera the other day of my 6 month old basenji…just a little photo shoot with her 🙂


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9-10lbs is still pretty small for that age

yeah…thats what I thought too but the vet said she looks healthy...shes just not a big dog...I feed are a lot too...almost double the recommended amount thats on the back of the package...

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roommate has another dog, but he just got back to the apt an hour ago…she's been at my parents house with me since last tuesday-friday...I took her on a walk around the neighborhood yesterday but there isn't any tall grass around...some bushes and stuff but thats about it....I did wash her bedding and vacuumed the place today as well...

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yeah…that was about 2.5 weeks ago, I'm guessing shes about 9-10lbs now?...I just put some frontline on her this morning as i haven't done that in a while so I'm guessing thats the case as you stated? Also, should I wash her bedding and stuff too? What should I clean / sanitize in my apt? And should i give her benedryl to help with the bites?

I looked for fleas but I didn't really see anything...unless I'm just not looking hard enough or if htey are hard to spot..

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here are a few pics that I just took…

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