Wanna be basenji owner

Hey Everyone, just want to drop in here and get some info on Basenji's. Will be a first time dog owner and heard they are good with individuals with allergies.

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Make sure you visit with Basenjis first to see if you do react. Some people with allergies still have reactions to Basenjis so it's best to spend some time around before you decide to get one. Good luck 🙂

Make sure you go check out the dogs first to make sure you don't have allergies to them. They are not hypoallergenic.

I have three and love them. They are very smart so make sure that you train them and work with them every day.

I agree with the others. You should visit with the dog first and spend a good 30 minutes or so with them to get a good idea of how you will be.

Good luck to you and be prepared to get stopped with every walk by someone asking you about your Basenji.

I wouldn't say excellent for allergies..it really depends because they still have fur not hair…and while they are meticulous about cleaning themselves they still shed and have dander...I don't have allergies but Oakleys fur still bothers me..I grew up with breeds that had hair and didnt shed...when Oakley blows his coat I especially have to vacuum everyday otherwise I get itchy..I'd spend a couple visits with basenjis before deciding if they affect you

Shedding, dander and saliva are probably allergy causes with animals so definitely go visit some and get right in there and get rubbed and licked and maybe even have a go at brushing one and see how you go and fingers crossed you don't have a problem.

Jolanda and Kaiser

It may depend on the individual dog. I have 3 basenjis. One of my dogs makes me itch and break out in red dots on my skin when I hold him. Frequent baths help this. (He does go to therapy swims once a week, so that helps a lot, otherwise, a bath once every two weeks or so is needed) I am not allergic to dogs, just this particual individual makes me itch. He has a very harsh coat, but you probably would not be able to tell this with a puppy.

You can help allergic reaction with most breeds by simply grooming regularly and wiping down with even something like baby wipes. But no dog is hypoallergenic.If your allergies are mild you can do what many of us do, just take antihistamines. 🙂 If severe, sadly you should not count on a basenji to no set them off. Some nonshedding dogs do better, but they also have dander and saliva, so they also are NOT hypoallergenic.

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