• Hello there! I met a Basenji back in New York and immediately fell in love with them! I have been doing research on them for several years, and I'm finally ready to bring one into my family! I know that the seasons for puppies is nearly here and I'm starting to contact responsible and accredited breeders via AKC and BCOA. I live on the Gulf Coast and there are not many breeders in my immediate area. I don't mind traveling to visit/pick up my future Basenji but it slows things down a lot. I can't wait to bring home a Basenji and give it a great home. If anyone has any tips, suggestions or recommendations on Breeders or Resources I am all ears! Thank you, I'm excited to join the Basenji family!

  • Hello there,
    Where on the gulf coast are you located? I am in Florida and have two wonderful Basenji girls that I got in south Georgia. I can provide you with the information of the breeder if that is good for you

  • Thanks so much! I am in Mississippi. I would really appreciate the info on your breeder. I did get in touch with Pat at Berimo Basenjis and she has been wonderful and seems very experienced and professional. She isn't too far from me either.

  • @t-jones Hi. I too am in Florida, Melbourne area. Would you supply me with the breeder you spoke about that is in Georgia? I am looking to replace a recently departed male basenji that we had.
    Rick. Raburr3@yahoo.com

  • This is the link to the Basenji club of America.

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