• Hey, my name is Brad and my girlfriend and I bought 2 Basenjis to celebrate our 5 yr anniversary.
    So much of what I've read here has helped.
    These dogs are so active, mischievous, and smart! I love it!
    They keep us on our toes and bring laughter to both of our families!

    They've learned their names, sit, stay, and go potty. We've only had them for 5 days lol.
    They hop the baby gate we bought already too!

    These dogs have serious skills!

  • You all are gonna have fun with that one. He/she looks to be just a puppyand it had no problem going over that gate. Our Mr Baroo had only been with us for 3 days before he learned how to open the back door to go in and out of the back yard, proving that they are too smart for their own good. We wish you luck with them and years of enjoyment.

  • Welcome, how old are your pups? Care to share who you got your pups from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis. My only suggestion with two pups at one time is that you need to put extra care into making sure they bond with you and not just with each other

  • If you are near St. Louis, we have a very active basenji club that does bi-monthly walks with our pups.

  • Dear Brad and lovely girlfriend…. welcome to the forum!!! I saw your post and was compelled to click on the link~ what a beautiful baby! How are you doing? 🙂
    If you need any help, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask! If you are here long enough, you will see how much we love our b's!

  • How are your two Basenjis doing? How old are they?


  • Looks like you will have your hands full! The video made me chuckle, especially how quickly it happened and how the pup looked excited to make it to the sofa!

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