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No, she doesn't get over the aggression when we say "no" she will keep it up till he leaves. Normally during the week it is only myself in the house, I will wake up and start getting ready for work while Macie is still sleeping in the bed. I will call her and get her up out of the bed before I leave for work so she can go outside. She isn't pleased when I wake her up, but she is not aggressive like on Mondays, normally she will growl and thats all. Macie never wakes up before me, she loves to sleep and I enjoy waking up early.

We have posted before regarding her attitude when she is sleeping, that's why I do not disturb her while she is sleeping. As she gets older she seems to be losing the attitude, slowly, but she is getting better.

Thanks for all the comments, I will try the suggested ideas.

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She shows aggression when he is leaving, he will come to my side of the bed to say good-bye, and thats when Macie will wake up and get upset. We don't do anything to disturb her, she just always wakes up by herself during this time. Yes, she is still on the bed, she will come up from under the sheets and look at him and growl… but when he gets up to get ready for work she doesn't do anything and doesn't even wake up. This problem only happens on Monday morning when he is leaving :S I'm unsure how this behaviour has developed, she never cared before and didn't wake up, nothing has changed in our routine. In the meantime I think she is starting to think this behaviour is working for whatever she has in mind, as if she is winning, since we have not been doing much to help this problem other than saying "No".

This has only happened twice, we will see what happens this weekend, but i will take your advice and bring her leash to bed - good idea.

I guess I should pick up a bed and make her lay in it for a few minutes if this behaviour happens again. (she torn up her old one when she was a puppy)


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Our 10 month old basenji, Macie.

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Our basenji, Macie, is now 10 months old. She sleeps in the bed with my boyfriend and myself, lately when my boyfriend leaves early for work in the morning on Mondays (he works away during the week) Macie becomes very aggressive, growls, and raises her hair on her back. He does nothing to disturb her when she is sleeping since we already know to leave her alone while she is sleeping.

Just wondering why she may have developed this problem and any tips to help us with it.

Overall she is a good dog but still has some learning to do.


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Macie’s attitude has improved, but still often growls when being awoken. I would normally try to wake her up when she is sleeping on the couch to go to bed. Now that she is four months old she often sleeps all night (sometimes she will wake up during the night to go to the bathroom). I will only wake Macie when I have to, other than that I will let her sleep, by doing this I’ve seen her sleeping attitude is much better.

With that being said, she has developed another “attitude problem” when I pick her up to put her coat on (our climate is extremely cold during the winter) she will growl and snarls. I don’t understand why she does this, maybe it’s because she doesn’t like leaving the warm house to go out in the cold or maybe it’s a childish behavior she will grow out of.

Macie is a great puppy other than that, she is potty trained and also knows all her basic commands.

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Our basenji is almost three months old and we've never had this problem before but lately when we go to wake Macie up while she sleeping she growls and snarls. Does any one have any advice or tips of things we can try. I don't want her to get away with it for long if at all. I've heard some people say when dogs growl like that they think they are the pack leader and we should just back off. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

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My 8 week old basenji just had her first vaccine yesterday and I'm wondering when would be a good time to socialize we with other dogs. Should I wait another 4 weeks until her second vaccine or is she ready now?

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I have been reading about a training program for basnjis on the inernet. Its by Nancy Richards at im just wondering if any of you other owners have heard of or used this program, or is it just another internet scam. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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whenever my basenji (Macie) has a nap i always immediately bring her outside to pee, and poop if she needs to. and besides naps i take her out about every hour to hour and a half. Im just worried that she'll never learn to go to the door to let us know that she needs to do her business but she'll just wait for me to bring her out or just pee/poop in the house.

Any tips/ advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Thank you! We got her from a breeder in a small town just outside St. John's called pouch cove

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