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My husband and I do not own a Basenji....yet....but we are definite that this breed is the perfect fit for our family! To make a long story short, we recently had to put our beloved cat down due to terminal genetic medical issues. I am allergic to both cats and dogs (I had my cat before I developed an allergy and it was not an option to give him up, so I dealt with the allergy issues.)

We needed to find a pet that will cause less allergens and fell in love with the Basenji breed after extensive research! We are located near Buffalo, NY, but haven't been able to find a breeder in NY that is expecting a litter.

Is anyone able to recommend a trusted breeder that is somewhat near us? We are willing to drive up to 8 hours to get our new fur baby! I know this is the season for Basenji puppies and we do not want to miss our opportunity! Thank you in advance for any help you can provide! We hope to be Basenji owners in the near future! -Shannon

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