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Thanks to those of you who provided feedback to my original post. Signing off...

Did you go meet some? What did you decide on? While I know it's not been the most encouraging response, keep in mind we all have one, so you're not alone if that's what you decide on.

@tanza Since you're a breeder, you rarely see separation anxiety in your own dogs since you keep several. Furthermore, many of breeders blame owners for separation anxiety, or claim It's a sign of bad breeding/temperament issues. So, needless to say, I disagree with your statement--sep anxiety is a frequent struggle. I don't much care for the idea of purchasing two puppies, but it beats the prospect of one suffering while their family is away from home all day.

@yodelma - All of my Basenjis are house dogs, be it single or more than one. I don't see it in Basenjis that I have bred and placed.

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I never had separation anxiety in the pups I raised, only the Basenjis I adopted as adults. They both came from situations where they were not the only dog, and that change proved difficult for them to adjust to. In the case of Sunny, he always had had issues with being crated, so that wasn't a surprise, but Perry had never been a problem until he was crated with no company. But to be fair, none of my dogs have spent much crate time, as I transitioned as quickly as possible to having at the very least a whole room with windows, and then to the run of the house with perhaps one or two rooms off limits. I think confinement anxiety is common, and Basenjis may be more likely than some breeds to resist it strenuously rather than just giving up and accepting it.

@eeeefarm - For Sure eeeefarm..... Windows! That said, then lots of "dog art" on the windows... LOL

I have had 5 basenjis and I am about to get my 6th. I will have 3 when I pick up my new puppy. My first two were from a terrible breeder and they died young from malabsorption issues. They did suffer from all sorts of anxiety, we got the second because the first one could not be alone without freaking out. We had potty issues and dominance issues. We lasted 6 months did our research and went and got his half sister and that helped a lot. They were still super neurotic dogs. The rest have come from a great breeder and are way more chill. They have all hated to pee in the rain and I think climate seems to have a huge impact on potty training. I live in Canada and my dogs hate winter and they hate the rain, so there is a lot of “go pee now” shouted out the door. Or walking in the rain with them. Match sticking them helped a ton when they were little to help them figure it out. They are a handful but I do really feel that they are better in 2 or more groups, they really are pack animals. We are their pack but we can’t take them everywhere we go. I snuck one into Walmart once! Mine are fine off leash but my first two it was impossible. I am really lucky that I have a huge fully fenced in park with double gates so I don’t have to stress, they have great recall but I wouldn’t take the chance anywhere else. I have baby gates everywhere so they can’t dash out a door, again these ones are fine but my first one ran out the door and was hit by a car and I will never get over that to take the chance again. She was fine, she only broke her toe but it was awful. Mine have all been hunters, I keep telling the local wildlife to stay away from my house of death but they don’t listen, we have had squirrel and bird deaths. And I had a degu, a small rodent, when I first got my basenjis and I had to find them a new home because their days were numbered in this house. On the other hand I wouldn’t ever want any other kind of dog. I have never had a dog I loved more than my basenjis. They love us so much and they are the best cuddlers ever! I also like to hang out on the couch and they are great at that! They are sweet and caring but one of mine will steal any food she can and the other one is dumb and can barely eat the food you give him, he would die in the wild! So you never know what you will get. The only thing you can do is research and be prepared for any eventuality. Good luck getting your basenji.

The potty thing.....I wrote a haiku about that once:

Stupid f**king dog
has not peed this morning yet
and I want breakfast!

....and this....

Dreary skies bring rain
puddle on the rug affirms
‘Senji will stay dry

I think the more important issue about adopting a Basenji revolves around their unique personalities, not their possible (and spurious) non-allergenic characteristics. Basenjis are indescribably UNIQUE. I have a 3/4 Basenji, but she is a total Basenji, through and through. To the potential adopter: are you prepared for unbridled destruction, an independent personality, the need to RUN (we B owners acknowledge the Basenji 500, an indoor Olympic-style run around and around and around the house, over beds and chairs and couches and tables and cats. It's pretty funny and totally delightful, but it emphasizes the need for Basenjis to run, like they're chasing prey in Africa.
Basenjis are notoriously destructive. I was associated with a group of B owners who regaled in the destruction wrought by their dogs and awarded ribbons for the best destructive Basenjis. (My Izzy has several ribbons--she was SO bad, early on). The point here is, it's a special person who adopts and embraces a Basenji. You can't zero in on allergy issues, because those are the least of your worries. These dogs are independent-minded, therefore, not easy to train; they are escape artists and should not be off of the leash; they are totally stupid when it comes to traffic ; they are hunters in Africa, so they are all about chasing the prey, and that's why you keep them close by and tied tight.
You need to research this very special and unique breed in depth before bringing one into your home.

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Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce myself. My husband and I have been wanting a dog for a while, and we are finally at a point where we are ready to become owners. I contacted breeders earlier this year, and we are at the top of the waiting list for a litter that will be born mid-fall.

We found out in the past year that my husband is allergic to dogs, so we began researching hypoallergenic dogs, and fell in love with the basenji. After reading in depth about them and contacting some owners near me, we know it will be a great fit for our family.

I joined this forum in hopes of learning all I can before welcoming one into our home- to ensure that we can give them a home that they deserve.

Thank you!

Just wanted to point this out again, Basenjis are NOT hypoallergenic dogs, they shed and have dander.

First off, do not put the dogs name....

Some folks put the phone # of your vet.

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