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I have had a similar issue with 2 female basenjis. It was awful as they actually got into a terrible fight and I had little to no hope of them getting along. The older spayed female tried to kill the younger puppy who came into her first heat. We kept the dogs muzzled, crated, swapped from room to room and this worked in the short term. We waited until the heat was long done and then tried to reintroduce them but no go. Finally we got the younger one spayed, waited 2 months for all the hormones to settle, keep in mind the older one was already spayed, ta da! They are now fine. Basenjis are growls as they get older, especially females, when being woken, surprised or over a high reward item but it usually is nothing. Also, my basenjis have always run at other dogs by a fence or go crazy at the window over a cat or squirrel. They have an intense prey drive or hunting instinct. I have had 6 basenjis and I have never been able to break it, the girls are always more into the hunting or chasing then my males. A baby gate keeping the dog away from the door might help. I understand your upset as I went through this myself. It took us 8 months to get everyone settled back to normal with lots of positive training.good luck!

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Basenjis are typically born in December and puppies are usually ready to go to their new homes in February or March. It’s pretty rare for a mid season heat and a mid season litter. Your best bet will be an older puppy and those can be hard to find since basenjis are rare to find nearby at the best of times. Good luck!

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My breeder is in Seattle, her name is Rita Webb and I have had 4 of her dogs. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with them. Her kennel is No Ka Oi basenjis and she can be found on Facebook if you would like to see her dogs, litters and contact her. Good luck! It can be really tough to find a good breeder!

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We have had issues picking up our Basenjis in the past. They can get poked in the rib and their armpits seem to be very sensitive. We try to lift them by the waist and scoop their bums up. They are also very smart and seem to remember everything. I have had some b’s that as they got older and heavier they really hate being picked up. If they remember that they got hurt they may really not want you to do it. As for the food, most of my b’s have been fussy with food. He may really not like his food. If a b gets diarrhea they tend to go off their food and not want to eat it again. A trick I have used to get my dogs to eat is to get the liver bits and blend them to dust and sprinkle a bit on their food. Also if they turn off their food I give them some probiotics in case their tummies are upset. It seems to do the trick unless they really hate their food, then sometimes you just have to change it. If he hates his food he might be grumpy.

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My first boy was so anxious, we had him alone for 8 months. He was a mess! He pooped, peed and threw up in his kennel on the daily. We got him his sister and it all stopped! After that we have been a 2-3 basenji household. Life is much better with more basenjis.

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I remember being in your exact situation 17 years ago. I have always had dogs and they have always had free run of our house once they grew up. I currently have 3 basenjis and I have had 6 over the last 17 years and 1 beagle. Our first one we got a big beautiful crate. And every day we came home he had peed, pooped and vomited in his crate. He was so anxious when we left, we couldn’t leave him alone for even 1 minute. Nothing helped. He would howl and scream and cry and the whole time we were gone he would never settle down. This went on for months. Then we got him a sister and put them in the crate together and he never had another issue. Left loose in the house though, those two would chew blankets, pillows, carpets, couches. You name it they would destroy it. Since then I have never had an only B, so I have never had the loneliness issue again. I do have little kids which means little kid toys and all 3 of my B’s cannot be trusted with them. We have come home to more than one Barbie massacre. So the dogs are locked in the kitchen, and crazy puppy is in her crate. They will find anything and it will be killed. For some dogs it’s paper, some anything material, others it’s plants or cords. I don’t leave them with bones to chew either as they can’t be trusted not to try and swallow it whole and we have had choking issues with all of them. They can just get really bored and destructive. You don’t know what you are going to get until you meet your B. You need to be prepared to either crate them forever or find an inescapable place for them that is tidy and clean and they can’t get into anything. Ours also don’t have access to the outside or you have to lock your gates, the gas man can easily let them out and they are gone or hit by a car as they are fast and sneaky! I have baby gates all over my house so they can’t sneak out the front door. Some B’s are more chill then others but you have to plan for the worst case scenario and hope for the best. Good luck!

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Hello my fellow Canadian. I’m in Calgary and I currrently have 3 basenjis. I have seen basenjis for sale in Ottawa and Montreal over the years, mostly on Kijiji which leads me to believe they are mostly backyard breeders, but I did find a reputable breeder near Montreal a few years ago on the basenji club of Canada website. My breeder has puppies now but she is in Seattle. I flew there last year and flew home with my young pup. She is a nice lady, and she does all the necessary testing and she shows her dogs with very good results. If you are willing to fly to get one she. Would be a great option. She currently only has red and whites. Her name is Rita Webb and she is on Facebook. You could check her out and see pictures of the puppies. I know last year she sold lots of her puppies to Canadians. I can even send you her number if you are interested.

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She is beautiful! All dogs are lovely but basenjis do tend to grab those heart strings. I hope you can find some answers, it’s so hard to miss them so much!

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He definitely looks like a basenji mix. Maybe beagle or corgi with those short legs. I recommend you find a basenji rescue organization. They tend to not work well with small animals including cats as they have a strong prey drive. They also tend to be best with another dog in the home best option is opposite sex as they have a strong pack instinct and they can tend toward dominance. They can be very affectionate but it depends how they were raised. They like to be warm and dry and tend to pee in the house if it’s raining or cold out. They are really smart and sneaky and they get bored easily which can lead to destructive behaviour. Mine are good with my kids but I would say they would rather not be around kids as they really like to sleep and they can be grouchy when woken up suddenly. So they need a home with someone who is very understanding. With him being on the streets he may be insecure which can lead to some testy behaviour. So someone with basenji experience would be very good for this little man. I would say no cats to be safe and no very young children, maybe 10 and up. A female dog and a stay home adult would be ideal. They aren’t great being left alone for very long periods of time. Thank you for catching him and taking such good care of him. Even taking the time to reach out and find out more about basenjis tells me you are an amazing person!

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Her colouring is ver duck tolling retriever or vizla with the light eyes and lighter nose. I would not say shepherd she is too smooth and so I would say she is mixed with a medium sized dog as well. Genetics are funny though, I once saw a dog in the dog park that looked like a pit bull. She told me her dog was genetically 89% shitzu. Go figure!

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