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I have a puppy who just came out of heat too and she is less playful and more defensive and aggressive with my other dogs. From what I read a female dog may be out of heat but her hormones don’t really go back to normal for a few months. You might not want to push the dog park for a couple of months so she doesn’t develop a negative connotation to the dog park. Apparently she could still trigger aggression from male dogs as well as she smells hormonal to them. Good luck!

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New update: Tika is no longer in heat! Yay! Remy got neutered and is doing great! We got a dog trainer to come in assess the situation and she thinks it is starting to improve compared to how I described it when I booked her to come. Only Maia seems to need the muzzle, she seems to be very unsure of the puppy. We are working with her to build her confidence. The puppy doesn’t seem to have any stress with Maia around and won’t start anything. The muzzle is on just in case when I am home alone as I don’t want anything bad to happen when if I can’t separate them. The puppy is getting lots of training time to help her learn how to behave properly. With 2 people here we can have the girls on short leashes and they are fine together. They did have a small altercation of snarling but no biting and no one got hurt. The older female backed down and walked away. As much as I want her to be the top dog it seems that the puppy has a much more dominant personality. If they figure out the pack hierchy hopefully everything will settle down. The trainer says there are no pack instincts in domesticated dogs, but after having 6 basenjis I can’t agree with that in regards to basenjis. We can walk the girls together without muzzles now so I think things are more positive and they seem to be improving every day. When Remy is healed from his neuter I will get the puppy spayed and hope that calms things down even further. So far there is a lot more peace in the house. Please anyone let me know if there is anything else I should be doing to keep these girls on track. Thank you for all your advice and guidance! I am so grateful for this forum as what is normal for other dogs is not so much with these guys!

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I met a basenji who had very similar symptoms and he had a carrot that went up through his soft pallet into his sinus cavity. It took them forever to find it as it didn’t show up in an X-ray. You may want to look into a specialist for dog sinuses. It could be anything and very likely a foxtail. The infection for the other dog didn’t stop until the carrot was removed. Then he was fine!

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So here’s an update. We are still deep into Tika’s heat. I am keeping her kennelled a lot of the time to mostly keep her from getting pregnant. When everyone is out she has to wear her chastity belt, her muzzle and be supervised 100% of the time, i even take her to the bathroom with me. I have a lot of gates in my house so I can separate the dogs without having to keep them like this all the time. The dogs don’t seem to want to kill each other all the time, right now they are sleeping on the couch with me. Tika is trying to lick Maia despite the muzzle and Maia seems very obsessed with Tika’s girl parts. If my male gets in the mix they start to get growls. I have been distracting them with basic commands and treats if they will sit nicely with each other. The game plan is to get my male fixed once this heat is done, I just don’t want him in pain with all this going on. He doesn’t need to be vulnerable until I can focus 100% on him. Then I will assess if spaying Tika will benefit the situation. If they really will not get back on track the breeder wants her intact so rushing to fix her seems like a bad idea. Advise me if I am wrong. I am hoping since they seem to have good moments together that once the heat calms down we may with patience and time get back to normal. I may be unrealistically optimistic but I am hoping I don’t have to rehome my Tika girl, that being said I am prepared to do it if I have to and I won’t take any chances with any of them until I am 100% certain. Any advice on anything I can do that I am not doing that can help is greatly appreciated! Thanks to all of you who are responding!

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I have a first for me and that is basenjis fighting! I have 2 eight year old basenjis a brother and sister. Maia we have had since she was 6 months old and she came into the house with an older male basenji and an older female beagle. She integrated like a dream. In the years that followed we got an adult male without any issues. When my beagle passed from cancer the breeder sent me Maia’s brother. They were 5 at the time. Again no problems. This year we got a new puppy. She’s female and now 9 months old. Maia has not really accepted the puppy but everything was ok until the puppy went into heat. The breeder wants me to keep her intact in case she wants to breed her down the road. Since Tika went into heat the girls started getting snarky with each other. This weekend they had an all out fight and both dogs got hurt and I got bitten in the process. My breeder said this is normal with a heat and to keep the girls muzzled until it’s done and spray them with water if they get snarky. This is a nightmare for us! We love our dogs and we are now sleeping separately and the girls that we are keeping muzzled so they aren’t completely separated during the day are still growling at each other. I am trying to do positive treat training while they are together and getting along. I am just so discouraged. I have never had any issues integrating dogs and I thought a puppy would be the least upsetting to my older dogs. Now everyone is upset and I’m just heart broken. The breeder says everything will be fine when the heat is done but I find that hard to believe with how aggressive they were. Any insights will be greatly appreciated.

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If Washington is not too far my breeder Rita Webb is there. She was referred to me from the basenji club of Canada. I have been thrilled with her. We are quite good friends after 8 years and 4 basenjis. I love her dogs. They have been mostly healthy, we took in an adult dog of hers that someone had given back and he had issues. My other three are wonderful and make me happy every day. She just had 2 litters this year so I am not sure when she is breeding next but she sometimes has some older pups or adult dogs that she may be looking for forever homes. I can send you her contact info, just let me know.

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I definitely see basenji! Maybe part rat terrier. Who knows what he is mixed with, give the puppy some time and he will settle down. My boy took some time but he loves mummy he just needs some bonding time. He’s too cute.

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I am so heartbroken for you guys! That is truly devastating news. Even I all the way in Canada was excited for you guys. It is even harder when kids are involved, they just have a hard time understanding these things and it hurts so much when their little hearts break. Where are you guys located? Is there any way to find another dog for your family. I know it won’t be the same and it’s awful to feel she could be replaced but to have your child be so heartbroken is truly devastating as a parent. Maybe consider adopting another breed? I hate to say that too as I would hate to not have a basenji, but if they are super hard to find it can be hard to wait a whole year for their breeding cycle to happen again. Maybe put your name out here and see if there are any breeders with puppies still. I think my breeder still has one available, she is in Washington. Is that too far for you guys?

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand, is she ok? One of mine had an adverse reaction to her shots and she survived but ended up with a lifelong autoimmune disease. We managed it until she was 6 and we finally lost the battle. Sometimes they can be fine they just develope a fever and they recover after a while. I hope she will be ok! I’m so sorry if you don’t end up getting your basenji as you were hoping.

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My first boy was the same, it absolutely was separation anxiety. He would cry and pee and poop and even vomit in his crate every day for 6 months. We worked so we didn’t have much of a choice, he would do the same if he wasn’t kennelled but then we played the game of find that smell. Every day for 6 months I bathed him and washed out the kennel. It was a nightmare. Then we decided to get him a sister and overnight he never did it again. She peed in the kennel the first day and he piled the puppy pad on top of it to try and hide it. But from that day on I never had a problem. My first two were super neurotic, die hard chewers, runners, stubborn like crazy, they would eat the sheets on my bed while we slept!since then I have had 4 more and the rest have all been way more relaxed but we just live in a pack style life so I have never dealt with separation anxiety again and I have to say life with 2 or more is way more relaxing than one. Everyone is just much happier. If that’s not an option then first thing is a tired dog is too tired to be bad so tucker your dog out, then give them something to chew if that appeals to them, maybe a frozen Kong with puppy safe peanut butter, leave a tv on or music, and maybe even try some rescue remedy to help them stay relaxed. Also reduce the size of the crate so they can only turn around. If they have room to pee and lie down elsewhere you will have a hard time breaking the habit. Good luck!

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