New Basenji Owner

My name is Charles Hagan. I live in Louisville, KY. I am now the owner of CH. "JOURNEY" TAEZER SIGNET jOURNEY TO KAZOR. He is 3.5 years old. Born in Hawaii, finsihed part of his Championship in Hawaii. He is a red/white Basenji. Acquired from Kyle and Steve in Galena, OHIO. We plan to go lure coursing all over the country.

Congrats on your basenji boy, but let me tell you they are like potato chips, "you can't have just one". Good luck with your lure coursing.

Welcome, and as Candy stated-you just can't have one, especially when racing. I bet within a year you are looking for another!

Welcome! Journey will have an exciting life with you, racing and traveling. Love to see photos of him.

Welcome to the Forum, Look forward to seeing the lure chasing pics!

Welcome. I'm sure we will see you at events

First Basenji's

Yes, welcome to the forum. Hope you find good information and make friends as we all have! Yep, they are just like potato chips!!! Can't wait for pictures of the lure course!

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