• Hello all. I just adopted my first basenji (tri, 11 mo) girl, Alani last weekend. I'd have to say that so far she has not been the typical basenji that I've read so much about. She’s very laid back, likes to fetch (only 2 or 3 times before she starts questioning why she’s brining it to me if I’m just going to throw it again) and hasn’t gotten into anything she knows she’s not supposed to (I’m sure that’s just a matter of time). We have a trash can on the side of our island that doesn’t have a lid or anything and she has yet to grab anything out of it even when there’s food sitting on top! She's potty trained, knows sit, stay and come (for the most part). She doesn’t talk too much, she will baroo when she’s mad or talking back to us (which is hard when your trying to tell her no and then start to laugh.) Just overall a very good girl.

    Sorry so lengthy but wanted to let you all know that I've been reading posts for a while to get an idea as to what to expect. I've enjoye a lot of what everyone has said and am excited to be part of the group.:D

  • Howdy! Alani is a pretty girl name. Isn't it nice to be ready, able and prepared for Basenji? I enjoy having my boy and find that Basenji owners find their B's entertaining and fun too. As you may have read, no one knows when their B will have something to surprise you with! 😃 Glad you're participating here. Hope to read more as you and Alani get to know each other.

  • Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new Basenji. Lots of good information here, plenty of long time owners, great pics. Enjoy!

  • Welcome to to the world of Basenjis! If you're like us, you'll soon have another – they are even more fun in pairs! Anyone care to place bets on that trash can staying upright??

  • @cmd:

    Anyone care to place bets on that trash can staying upright??

    Yeah, put some chicken bones in that trash can and try it out.:D

  • Well funny you should say that. I actually did have some pork shoulder bones left over and threw them on top to see what she would do and she sniffed as she walked by but kept walking. I did finally throw away one of her beds that she had ripped to shreds with all the stuffing. She pulled out some of the stuffing and threw it on the floor I picked it up again but she didn't seem to care about it after that.

    She hasn't chewed up anything she's not supposed to yet either…until yesterday. She was chewing a toy on the couch and secretly moved to one of my pillows. But she was very cautious about it so I'm pretty sure she knew she wasn't supposed to be doing that.

  • Welcome to the forum. What an exciting time for you. I am glad to hear your basenji is so well behaved. Mine is a basenji/whippet mix and she minds MOST of the time. She doesn't chew on anything she shouldn't, but she can't be trusted off a leash at all. She is an avid hunter and has no recall when she sees something she considers prey. I look forward to seeing pics of your basenji.

  • Welcome! I thought my B was so well behaved when we first got him at 10 months. I thought, hmmm, these forum folks are having so many stories of "mishaps" ( I was going to say, disasters!) that I was wondering if we had an unusual B. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLL!, it took a month for Joey to adjust to our home and now he IS a typical B!!! We just got some trash cans with lids for the bathrooms and it's working great…for now. I know it is a matter of time before he learns to tip them over and the lid will...voila!...open!! Congrats for having Alani!!

  • Welcome Spitfire!! Do post some pics for your little girl. She sounds like a SAINT 😃 I hope she stays that way!

  • She sounds a lot like Jazzy – very laid back, very well-behaved, not the wild-thing we thought we may get. Nonetheless, every once in a while Jazzy will pull something out of her hat, so do be ready.
    I'd watch that kitchen garbage closely, just in case. Jazzy has never bothered ours either, but then it is very tall. . . . and the keep the bathroom doors shut!!

    You are going to have so much fun!

  • Welcome to the forum, Spitfire! My little B, Abbey, has been very very good for so long it's scary. Now, three days before Christmas which is also her third birthday, she decides to cut loose and eat the LL Bean Christmas catalog, the sponge from the bathtub, and one of my shoes. Santa Paws will be so disappointed in Miss Abbey when he hears about this!

  • They must all have that "something" lying latent(sp?) just waiting to emerge at who knows what time?!!! It's great fun!

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