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Haven't been on here in awhile, figured I would check in and post a few pictures of Loki, now 2 years old.

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It's a given that she is crazy, she is a Basenji after all šŸ˜‰ Our Basenji displays the same behaviour, he does it with our cats and two our families two golden retrievers. At least Zoey will not be alone in the puppy nut house.

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We joke that our b&w is solar powered, he can't get enough of the Georgia sun. He isn't quiet as active in the heat, but far from lethargic.

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I don't think it's unusual for any male dog to act a little spunky around that age, they are just getting old enough to try and display there dominance. Our male basenji is 6 months old and just flew with my fiancee to Michigan. They are staying with her parents who have two large male golden retrievers, it has been funny watching Loki with them. Even though they are about a year and a half old and much larger than him, he is the dominant one.

Just try to keep socializing him with supervision and hopefully it is something that will pass, or at least reach a tolerable state.

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First and foremost thank goodness Sonny is alright. Second of all don't be too hard on yourself, as others have kindly stated mistakes do happen and we learn from them. With his blindness it adds another layer of challenges. I can appreciate those challenges somewhat, while our basenji thankfully has great sight or siamese cat has been blind since birth. It can make things a bit of an adventure sometimes.

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Our boy just recently started doing the air dance of love as well, I would say its normal.

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Yeah, our boy pup Loki can really cut some logs as well when sleeping.

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I disagree that it is a "common" problem with basenjisā€¦ usually it is food related. Good quality kibble or a raw diet will address any possible allergies

I certainly don't mean to suggest that all basenjis have skin issues, but its common enough that our vet (who owns two basenjis herself) warned us that it could be an Issue with the breed when we told her we were thinking of getting one. It also came up in pretty much every description of health issues with the breed when I was researching them, stating that "Among 78 live dogs in a 2004 UKC survey, the most common health issues noted by owners were with their skin and urologic problems".

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My 4month old Basenji bitch has flakey skin.

My vet checked for mites but found nothing. She has a head and shoulders bath (for sensitive skin) once a week, but after a few days thebskin is flakey again, I've started feeding pilchards/sardines but have seen no change, can anyone suggest any supplements/feed I can try?!

It's pretty common with basenjis actually. Our vet recommended using an oatmeal shampoo and giving the dog fishoil supplements. It cleared our dogs flaky skin up pretty quick.

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