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Thanks Anne!! We are excited I will post pictures when we get him next month 🙂

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Did all of us on Basenji Forums ever doubt that we are really 'royalty'? 🙂
Lovely picture, thanks for sharing it.

Fran you are soo right!! I'd argue Basenjis are the most regal breed around 🙂

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We are about to add a second Brindle to our house!! Congrats on your new baby!!!

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So we have Basenji Fever!!! We are in the process of getting a male B to join us and our Diva girl Saavik. It will be a foster to adopt placement so we can try and adjust before deciding on permanent placement with us. I'd love to hear about peoples experiences with this transition and some ideas on how to go about it smoothly….

He is about the same age as our Girl (a little over 2) and she is very dominant. He has been a very good submissive boy with the alpha girl at his current foster.

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I also have a girl about the same age as your B who has similar aggression issues… I'm so sorry this happened to you! I'm sure it was scary for all involved... But I find it hard to fault the Basenji for attacking in her own yard. Was the poodle off leash? If so then the owner can't really blame you for such an incident...If they brought the dog over by their own accord then they should know to be careful approaching a dog.... I do not have any answer on how to remedy/avoid situations such as this....But I would take offense to the poodle's owner claiming your B is a danger.

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Please keep us updated on the transition!!! I have a dominant female B and we've been considering adding a boy to the mix… I will be interested to hear how Pipet adjusts!!!

Good Luck!

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This is such an awesome picture!!! you have to frame it!

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I recommend contacting Basenji Rescue and Transport

They will be able to help you find her a suitable home.

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Haha!!! thanks so much! I'm glad you got the reference with her name!! We love Star Trek and couldn't think of a more appropriate name for her with those little pointy ears 🙂

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Our B is very aggressive towards most dogs…She absolutely hates my parents JRT and my Brother's weiner dog. She has gotten along well with our friend's boxers and I suspect for the same reasons that Dave&Pipet suggested. Unfortunately, there are not any other basenjis in our area(that we know of) so she hasn't been able to play with other Bs since she was a foster. Basenjis seem to have the "coolest kid" on the playground mentality.
I'm sure since yours are still so young that they can be well socialized!

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