• Just thought I would say hello to everyone and share a picture of my Basenji boy. His name is Ramsey and he is 10 or 11 years old. He is Red and White and he has been a wonderful dog for the 7 years we have had him. Right now we are looking for him a playmate. On the BRAT website we are looking at Hilo, she is a pretty girl and we are hoping to get approved for her adoption.

    I'll try to post a pic of Ramsey.



  • He is very handsome… good luck with the pending adoption....

  • Hilo is very pretty… hope that it works out for you....

  • He is very handsome! Is he going to be receptive to having a playmate after being a bachelor all these years? 🙂 I ask because when I tried to get my last B a new companion when he was about 12 when his previous companion had to be put to sleep, it was a disaster….twice....I didn't try a third time. But both he and my other dog (a female german shepherd mix) never were really interested in being around other dogs and didn't get along with other dogs.

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. Ramsey is very handsome!!!

  • He is a baby love! I like the picture with the red sweater, you just want to give him a big hug!

  • Hey, Welcome to you and your handsome B, I am from NC as well. I live on the coast and it is pretty hot here this summer. Where are you? I have 1 B, Sahara and she is quite a handful.

  • Thanks for the warm welcome! I live in the mountains of western NC. I am hoping Ramsey will welcome a friend into our family. We have tried in the past with some other breeds but it did not work out because the other breed was either larger than Ramsey and he felt threatned or they were just not submissive enough to him. He does think he is the king and will not bow down to any one . We had the best luck with a Husky puppy but were unable to keep here as her original owner finally claimed her a few months later. I'm hoping Hilo will be the one, but who knows?


  • I hope Hilo works out for you! I've always thought that Bs are happier when they have a constant companion–either human or canine.....keep us posted.

  • Took Ramsey to a dog park today, first time. He did very well, no fights and there was around 20 dogs there running loose. He did hold his ground with every dog and even pushed the line a little with some of the larger dogs. All in all a good day for Rams! We have never really trusted him or the other dogs enough to take him to a dog park but today we said what the heck and Ramsey showed us that he can socialize with the best of them.


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