Amy from North Carolina

Hello Everyone ! This is Amy from North Carolina. We have 2 Basenjis . . . Charm (boy 3 years old) and Sundae (2 years old) . . . they are my joy in life along with my husband and family. Looking forward to talking to staying in touch with everyone. There is a wonderful amazement in how we all connect because of our passion for this breed. Happy Holidays !!:)

Happy Holidays and welcome Amy, Charm, Sundae and Family to the forum! Post some pictures when you can.

Welcome love to hear about your babies.

Rita Jean


Welcome Amy and your pack too..We are excited you've found us..please share your babies pictures with us..if you'd like..

Welcome Amy, Charm and Sundae from the UK. I hope you'll enjoy the forum.

First Basenji's

Welcome to the forum! We are also from NC. Can't wait to see pics and hear stories!

Welcome to the forum

I've got lots of family in NC. welcome to the basenjiforums

Welcome to the forum!

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