• I'm hoping that joining here is okay since I only have half a Basenji. 🙂 I'm here to find out more since from my research I'm pretty sure that Jetta is firmly in touch with her Basenji side!

    Jetta ended up in a shelter Christmas Eve 2008, a little over a year ago. I did Border Collie rescue at the time and a volunteer down there posted her as being purebred BC. Um, not so much.

    Several months passed during which I just couldn't place her with any of my usual outlets. Meanwhile, we'd started really enjoying Jetta's unique qualities. It was clear that she has some terrier in her, but she has very little terrier 'tude. She's full of fun, but takes physical contact very seriously. Not just curling up, but constantly smooshing up as close as possible.

    Jetta jumps on stuff for fun. Jump isn't the right word. She levitates. Actually, she rarely walks/trots/runs/jumps at all. She teleports. Like the Cheshire cat, but faster. Remember I work with Border Collies so athletic dogs aren't new to me. Jetta takes it to a whole new plane of reality.

    Jetta is in lots of ways totally fearless. I have a farm and Jetta is my go-to girl to scare the sheep off feed if needed. She loves to explore and is so curious! But she really needs to go to her Happy Place for a few minutes when she meets someone new. The weird thing is that there's not really any middle ground for her between, "Dude! Back off!!" and "BFF!!!!" it's one of the little quirks about her I'm wondering about and here to explore. There's lots more, so I'll get to reading now!

  • I forgot to post a pic. I hope this comes out. 🙂

  • Absolutely! Welcome to the forum.

  • Basenji are not Terriers. They are Hounds. Welcome to the Forums and I hope you find all the information you want and need. She's a beautiful girl and please post more pics of her.

  • I think she was saying there is terrier in Jetta as well as something else, and she thinks that something else might be basenji.

    Since the Basenji was heavily used in developing the rat terrier, there can be some confusion.

    Welcome to the list.
    Jetta sounds like a lot of fun.


  • Welcome to the forum, Jetta sonds like an interesting Dog. Poor thing ending up in a shelter on Christmas eve, glad you took her in.

  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum..she is a gorgeous dog for sure..

  • There is something about her, very appealing. She sounds VERY fun. I like the levitating 😃

  • First Basenji's

    Hi, welcome to the forum. Jetta is a cutie and seems like quite a character.

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