New Basenji(?) Owner, New to Forum

  • Hi folks,

    I am new to this forum, and wanted to introduce myself. My name is AJ and I have a new Basenji …I think... named Lorelei.

    I adopted four-month-old Lorelei from a shelter in December. I was looking for a Rottweiler mix. Well, a couple months later and Lori is definitely NOT a Rott. 😮 I determined she's a Doberman mix, but for the life of me could not figure out her other part(s). Someone at the dog park mentioned that she looked like a Basenji. After doing some Google research, she does seem to fit the description of a Basenji! While crate training her, I kept saying how funny her "bark" was. She would howl, whine, and make this funny 'yodel' sound, but not actually 'arf' O.o She does bark, though it's rare and only in certain circumstances (like when the upstairs dog walks by the front door…).

    So, I am wondering if she is in fact a Basenji? I had never heard of the breed before the guy at the dog park mentioned it. Can Basenjis bark if they're a mix breed? Or is it all or nothing? I attached two pictures. The one of her laying down is from today, but the one where she is sitting is a couple weeks old. My cell phone decided to eat most of her pictures 😢 It's hard to judge her size in the photos, but she's about 35lbs and 21ins at the shoulders.

    Any input would be appreciated! I've never had a Basenji, obviously, so any newbie advice would be great. 🙂 She's an awesome dog no matter her breed. She's very smart, but stubborn too. -.-

    Also, I hope this is the right place to ask such a question. If not, I apologize. It looked the most appropriate out of the list.

  • Welcome to our community!

  • She is very cute, but I don't really see Basenji…. However, welcome!

  • looks like a kelpie to me. of course kelpies are rather rare, but are awesome agility dogs.

  • Hi, I'm no good at guessing mixes, wonderful that you saved her from a shelter and she is cute, welcome.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

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