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Welcome ! Can we also know the name and parentage of your little girl ? So many have Basenji family out there in the wider world we wot not of !

@tanza Hi and thanks.
Am looking for exercises to prevent her muscles from atrophying.
Been massaging her, she loves it.
Therapeutic touch seems too intense. One swipe with intention and she pulls away. She's coming along but has another month of crate living.
Have been allowing her, on a leash, to walk around the back yard a little bit more each day and we've set up an x-pen on the back deck so she can sun herself in the afternoon.

@zande Miss Bliiss's full name is
Blackwing's Cranberry Bliss.
Sire- Wasenshi's Courting Chaos
Dam- Blackwing's Waltzing Matilda (we call her Tilly)
The Black wing kennel is in Ontario.

@bernadette said in New to Basenji forums:

Blackwing's Waltzing Matilda

Many thanks for this - I have added her to the online pedigree database and written to Kathie to get the birthdate and siblings. Now if you'd like to send me a photo (to an email address on a website on my signature block) I will add that too. Give me a couple of hours to get it uploaded again.

@elbrant Really it was a big bandage. Her right leg has a plate and six screws.
Also, she lost a toenail that may or may not grow back.
She finished the Gabapentin yesterday and seems fine.
Gabapentin is for nerve and chronic pain.

@zande Sure thing Zande.
I'll find a president picture as she's kinda chunked up a bit.
Me too. Missing our two long walks a day and our play sessions.

@bernadette, just an fyi, it is possible to edit your posts. Click on the three dots on the right hand side and chose "edit".

Sending a big welcome to B&B

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