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@tanza does the video clear it up enough?

If so amazing thank you for all your help. She is our little girl.

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Just wanted to let everyone know I uploaded a video link to the original post, hopefully it sheds more light on what could be just me overreacting. Thanks for all the feed back so far.

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Sooo I just got back from obtaining a 2nd opinion, the vet did a puppy wellness check on her.
I got mixed feelings from them also, but as far as her hips, stance, walk or what he called GIRTH? she is way to young to tell. That seems like a little better news.
I still want to post something once I can for you guys to see. Especially since I had to tell this new vet what kinda breed she is, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, and the assistant has trouble weighing her.

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I have not called the breeder, I definitely should. I am really just not sure if I am being an over worried/ protective/ dad at this point. & I guess it’s hard for me to accurately describe?

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(Update For Video) Towards the end of the video you can kinda see her stance.

We got a new B, she is 8 weeks old our last pup Jaxx (now 2) was 3 months old.
Not sure if our female is still growing into her body or if it’s something else. Her hind legs are alittle bit wider than her front, they kinda sway out. I guess harder to describe. She sits fine its just when she walks/ runs.
Maybe it’s her age or because she is a female.
She has a small herniated belly button the vet said nothing to worry about. He looked at her stance / walk and said they would monitor it but nothing as of now.

I am looking to get insurance for her but now I dont want this to seem pre-existing it was simply a new puppy question.
We are taking her to a new vet for another check on it. But not sure if it’s a concern or not.

Tha ks for everyone’s time.

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My current idea which I might try to execute today is to get two of these toppaw playpens and find away to secure them on top of each other and if needed also add a cover problem is they are 26 inches high so 2 would make it around 4ft 3 inches... Ive read too many death and injury stories with the metal ones...

alt text

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Trying to determine the best playpen, or bigger crate to keep Jaxx in while away at work, the metal ones get great reviews and are cheap, but Ive see the negative reviews and horror stories and I dont want to subject him to those possibilities.

Plastic ones will be more ideal, but the hard part is finding one taller than 3 Feet and one that Jaxx one be able to escape from.

Desperately trying to find him something with more room.

Thanks sooo much.

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@tanza wow never used puppy's not bad for them is it?

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@giza1 Always ends up at our feet, hahahaha so this is typcial? It would just be nice to get alil affection hahaha with his cute face, wrinkles and expressions

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@DebraDownSouth I'm dying to know the education behind the rotation throughout the week! Im like a sponge at this point thank you for your time!

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