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My current idea which I might try to execute today is to get two of these toppaw playpens and find away to secure them on top of each other and if needed also add a cover problem is they are 26 inches high so 2 would make it around 4ft 3 inches... Ive read too many death and injury stories with the metal ones...

alt text

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Trying to determine the best playpen, or bigger crate to keep Jaxx in while away at work, the metal ones get great reviews and are cheap, but Ive see the negative reviews and horror stories and I dont want to subject him to those possibilities.

Plastic ones will be more ideal, but the hard part is finding one taller than 3 Feet and one that Jaxx one be able to escape from.

Desperately trying to find him something with more room.

Thanks sooo much.

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@tanza wow never used puppy's not bad for them is it?

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@giza1 Always ends up at our feet, hahahaha so this is typcial? It would just be nice to get alil affection hahaha with his cute face, wrinkles and expressions

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@DebraDownSouth I'm dying to know the education behind the rotation throughout the week! Im like a sponge at this point thank you for your time!

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@tanza thanks for the link that page is alil hard to navigate I am super curious on ordering a swab kit, just not sure which one that is, when ever you have to further guide me I would forever be grateful...

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What a cute baby!
My pup Jaxx is only cuddly when he is extremely tired, he likes to be in our company, and panics when he is alone but he prefers to have his space. He hates when people leave regardless of who it is or who stays if that counts for anything.

The biggest issue we are having is him sleeping in our bed, no matter how many times I put him between me and my wife at night ( with enough room ) he ends up at our feet on the opposite end of the bed, even when he is dead asleep and I wake up in the middle of the night and move him back up with us... Sane thing!

However he does tolerates us petting his face, and lets me rock him to sleep.

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Wow... Im using blue buffalo wilderness puppy can and dry... just opened my 1st big bag of dry.

Time to research new brands😡